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Super Fine Filtration With Glass Pearls

07 July 2014 James Nash

Super Fine Filtration With Glass Pearls

Super Fine Filtration With Glass Pearls


Efficient filtration is essential for keeping your pool water clean and healthy. Fortunately, filtration technology is constantly being improved, and now the market offers many great choices.
One of the latest products available is Waterco’s Glass Pearl Media. This media offers finer filtration and less maintenance than conventional filter media such as sand and cartridge.

Made from 100% pure glass, glass pearls are chemically inert for superior purity. This gives them an advantage over other filter media, which may contain a variety of contaminants.

Glass pearls are safer than other glass filter options (especially crushed glass), which can be a hazard to those handling the media or servicing the filter. Being spherical, glass pearls don’t have any sharp edges, which also means they pose no risk to swimmers.

This new media can filter out any contaminants down to 3 microns, and since they are made to specific geometrical shapes, they provide an extremely small particle size range of 0.6mm-0.8mm.

The result is a very dense filter media bed that removes the finest particles of dirt from your pool water. This small particle size range also greatly reduces the need for backwashing, and enables a fast start-up.

The design of glass pearl media is based on the process of depth filtration. As the water is pumped, dirt is trapped in the tiny spaces between the media. The perfectly spherical shape of the glass pearls means they are able to filter out smaller particles, unlike other types of media such as sand.

As an added bonus, Waterco’s Glass Pearls a part of the EnviroPro range, a collection of products that are designed to save you energy, time and water.



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