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Hydroxypure Chlorine Free System

3 April 2014

The swimming pool industry is abuzz with news of Waterco Ltd’s new chlorine-free, salt free, odourless pool sanitation system making swimming much more enjoyable for Aussie families; Hydroxypure is also the first chlorine-free system to receive approval from National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice® program.

Hydroxypure Chlorine Free System

Considered the most significant innovation in pool treatment in 20 years, Hydroxypure is used in conjunction with two components that are designed to make owning and operating a swimming pool incredibly easy. Perox Perfect and Perox Balance have been developed to control Alkalinity, phosphates and pH stability, all of which are very important to the overall condition of pool water. They also effectively remove organic waste that may otherwise pass through the filter.

These are the only additives available on the market that can perform these critical tasks without the need for a larger number of products.

Gold Coast inventor Nick Briscoe developed the Hydroxypure system in conjunction with international water treatment and swimming pool solutions manufacturer Waterco Ltd so that his young son Dalton, who suffers from eczema, could swim in the family pool.

“It’s far superior to other oxidation processes currently available to the swimming pool market, and the synergy of the Perox Perfect and Perox Balance will ensure your water environment is safe without the creation of harmful chemical by-products,” says Bryan Goh, Waterco director.

This is welcome news for time-poor pool owners who traditionally need to use a plethora of chemicals to do the same job; using Perox Balance and Perox Perfect take the guesswork out of maintaining crystal clear pool water.

One of the key advantages of this combined treatment is an overall reduction in residual sanitiser and a far superior looking swimming pool.

The McDonald family

Redlynch residents Jarrrad McDonald and his family are the owners of the first Hydroxypure chlorine-free swimming pool in far north Queensland.“I heard about Hydroxypure from a friend at work and I waited three months for it to come onto the market,” says Jarrad.

“My brother, who lives with me and suffers from asthma, and my two-year-old daughter were the main drivers for my interest. Also, with all the tropical rain we receive in Cairns, it doesn’t take much for the pool to turn green. That’s not happening now and the water feels like swimming in a freshwater creek. We don’t get red, sore eyes and there’s no smell or taste to the pool water.

“A major bonus has been the reduction in pool maintenance. I used to spend four to five hours a week on the pool, now it all happens automatically. My mum and dad are also going to install one when their new house is completed.”

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