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Balanced Water

01 January 2013 Natalie Darnell

Balanced Water

Balanced Water is Crucial for Swimmers and Pool Equipment

Water balance is crucial to having clean, healthy and sparkling pool water that is free of algae and other harmful bacteria. Letting your water balance wander too far into acidic or alkaline territory, and it can have detrimental long term effects on your pool and its equipment.

Maintaining the pH is key to having water that is comfortable to swim in and ensuring chlorine is at its most effective. The pH is a measure of the acid/alkaline balance of the water on a scale of 0 to 14, with distilled water being 7.0, which is neither acid nor alkaline.

When the pH is too low or too high, you may experience itchy, burning eyes when swimming; the ideal level is considered to be between 7.2 and 7.8. Incorrect pH can also leave the pool susceptible to algal blooms and scale.

For a detailed analysis of your pool’s pH and mineral balance, your local Swimart provides free water testing and expert advice. Our friendly staff can explain the intricacies of water balance and recommend products that will restore clarity to your pool water.

Low pH (below 7.0):waterbalance2
Acidic pool water can start to dissolve plaster and grout, and corrode metals, pipe fittings and other general equipment. Vinyl liners, O rings and pump seals deteriorate or become brittle, and this releases sulphates into the pool, resulting in brown and black stains.

High pH (above 7.8):
Alkaline water results in calcium deposits, cloudy water and reduced filter efficiency. As the pH rises, the pool’s sanitiser is unable to work to its full efficiency, and swimmers can suffer from itchy eyes and skin.

In order to protect your pool from some of the damaging side effects of unbalanced pH, it’s best to check your chlorine and pH level at least once a week. This is particularly important after a period of heavy usage of the pool or after a very hot day.


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