It’s the inside that counts

11 April 2012

It’s the inside that counts   Have you noticed how some pools are more enticing than others? It could be the attractive shape of the pool, but more often it’s the colour and sparkle of the water that makes you want to take a cooling plunge into the aqua. It’s actually the surface, colour and […]

It’s the inside that counts


Have you noticed how some pools are more enticing than others? It could be the attractive shape of the pool, but more often it's the colour and sparkle of the water that makes you want to take a cooling plunge into the aqua. It's actually the surface, colour and finish of the pool interior that lends the water its colour, and there are numerous options from which to choose to create your desired hue.

Justin Dibble, director and designer for Fluid Design, a Sydney-based swimming pool and landscape design company, says the pool interior colour is very important. "There are a range of products to choose from but it all depends on the style of the home and surrounding landscape when selecting the right one - it always comes back to the style," says Justin. "A lighter colour finish like a white tile looks really fresh and complements a modern contemporary look while a greenish colour blends seamlessly with your more Victorian manor style dwellings."

And although there is now a wide variety of colours and textures to choose from, Jodi Downey at River Sands says there's a clear favourite. "Homeowners still seem to prefer blue coloured pool interiors, because it ensures that their pool water will always have a blue tone to it - even on cloudy days. We're finding that the mid to dark blue interiors are still popular because they lend themselves to both the classical and contemporary style of pool," she says.

Spoilt for choice
Colour and texture play a key role in choosing your pool's interior - it needs to either match or complement the surrounding materials to achieve harmony. The key options for pool interiors are tiling, plaster, pebble, quartz finishes, aggregate, fibreglass, glass (such as bedecrete) or paint.

The advantage of tiles is their long life span. Though they take time to install, they can be a worthwhile investment as they suffer little wear and tear. There are numerous designs to choose from, including plain tiles, classic Greek-style, diamond patterns, waterline designs or even intricate glass or mosaic designs for an eye-catching bespoke look.

Glass beading:
Glass beads give an extraordinarily beautiful finish. They're a recent addition to the range of internal finishes, and offer a seamless finish in a wide range of colours. Glass beads are very durable and give a brilliant light.

These are ideal if you are looking for a more naturalistic look for your pool, and work well with the lagoon style of pool surrounded by greenery and waterfalls. You can create your own blue lagoon with relaxing quiet corners and the mesmerising sound of trickling water. Pebble finishes are durable, stain and chemical resistant and do not require grout.

This is the most economical solution for pool interiors but conversely it also requires more maintenance. White is the most popular colour as it beautifully reflects the blue of the sky and creates different moods depending on the daily weather it mirrors. However, constant exposure to water and its associated chemicals may cause discolouration, requiring it to be repainted or re-plastered every three to four years (but check with your pool builder).

Generally a two-pack epoxy paint is used, as it's specially formulated for swimming pools. The advantages of paint is a smooth coating and wide colour choice. The disadvantages can be a short life expectancy, plus the application is subject to weather conditions, and that also affects the longevity of the surface.

A beautifully smooth finish, fibreglass can be applied over existing concrete render, marblesheen or quartz finishes.

The tour-de-force in pool finishes, quartz provides a durable finish with vibrant, long lasting, fade resistant colour.

River Sands' Quartzon finish is very popular; it has a silky smooth feel and emanates a striking glitter and sparkle due to the Starfleck additive. Starfleck captures and reflects light like no other finish. Quartzon is made from the finest ingredients including brilliant white quartz sand, pure white Danish Cement and premium ceramically coated aggregates which lend an impressive shimmering effect to pool water. Swimmers love Quartzon's silky smooth surface as it is kind to feet and bathing suits and also makes the pool easy to clean.

Regardless of which pool finish you select, each one has its own unique features and benefits designed to suit a range of budgets. Simply choose the one that will give you the desired effect you are looking for - and which suits your style of pool - and you will have many years of enjoyment from your pool.

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