SwimKleen Sizzling Summer Specials

SwimKleen II Pool Cleaner

Swimkleen II is equipped with a pivot keel that offers enhanced stability & agility for superior performance. Simple to install and suitable for all pool surfaces.

Swimkleen II is manufactured using high quality materials that enable claims of durability, reliability and manoeuvrability with its tough polyurethane V-Max 26 finned disk that offers easy manoeuvrability over obstacles and plus the ability to scoop and funnel debris. Additionally, Swimkleen II is supplied with high quality components designed for longer life. The hose is no spiral with unique concentric circle hose with moulded cuffs providing an extra spring during operation improving speed and efficiency.

SwimKleen NAV Pool Cleaner

A key feature of the Swimkleen-NAV is the new patented V-Flex® turbine design, which has self-adjusting variable vanes to enable easy passage of larger dirt and debris while virtually eliminating blockages.

The versatile design also ensures maximum suction power – even at low flow. And that’s what makes it an ideal cleaner to use with variable speed pumps. The V-Flex® technology combined with the patented SmartDrive® Steering System also delivers energy savings.

The adaptive SmartDrive® system has been created to enable great manoeuvrability, speed and efficiency, providing thorough, reliable coverage of the pool floor, walls and coves. The programmed steering determines the most efficient cleaning path around any pool for complete coverage.

The Swimkleen-NAV also boasts silent operation, with no pulsating hoses or noisy components. Ease of use and maintenance are also vital. The Swimkleen-NAV connects to a skimmer or suction port in less than 10 minutes – and fewer moving parts ensure it’s easy to service and maintain.

SwimKleen ATV Pool Cleaner

Geared for all pools the most technically advanced pool cleaner of its type in the world. Designed and developed with the benefit of over 35 years’ experience.

The Swimkleen ATV pool cleaner includes a patented steering system that enables it to clean pools of a variety of sizes and shapes. The left wheel is set to reverse at intervals, which allows the cleaner to reach all areas of the pool easily.

Its robust tyre treads help with climbing and maneuverability, plus there are other kinds of tyres available for fully tiled pools. The tyres have stainless steel wheel bearings that are non-corrosive. These also work to minimise friction in the wheels, improving torque to increase suction power.

The cleaner’s self-adjusting turbines maximise power from water flow, improving suction and debris collection. This reduces the chance of clogging, making the equipment easier to maintain.

Swimkleen ATV Pool Cleaner with 3 + 3 year warranty + FREE 1 YEAR EXTRA SWIMART FULL WARRANTY