How to heatwave and blackout proof your pool all summer

Have you been finding it harder to keep your pool water sparkling clean this summer? The good news is you’re not alone. With the prolonged hot weather and power outages, many pool owners across the country are struggling to keep their water clear and more importantly, healthy.

How hot sunny weather affects pool water quality

The sun’s ultraviolet or UV rays deplete your pool’s chlorine. The resulting low level of chlorine combined with warm water create the perfect breeding ground for algae, harmful bacteria and other disease-causing organisms.

While you can’t see microscopic-size algae and bacteria, your pool turns a tell-tale green or becomes cloudy. The parts of your pool where water circulation is poor, such as corners, steps and where the pool floor meets the walls, are often the first to show signs of algae growth

How power outages affect pool water quality

During power outages, your pool’s recirculation and purification systems and automatic cleaner stop working. And depending on your timer, a power outage can disrupt its settings.

As power outages can go unnoticed, particularly when you’re asleep at night, at work or out and about, we recommend to check your pool water and automatic pool maintenance systems daily.

Restoring water balance is key to keeping your pool clear and healthy

Maintaining the correct water balance is key to a healthy pool. Without correctly balanced water, chlorine, the best defence against algae and bacteria growth, is unable to work effectively.

The first step to rebalancing your pool water is to test the pH level and total alkalinity with a Swimart test kit or by taking a sample to your local Swimart store

If your pool water’s pH is too high, chlorine becomes less effective and the water quickly becomes become dull and cloudy. You can easily lower the pH by adding acid to the pool water or a pH decreaser such as Swimart’s Aqua-health pH Decreaser which is a safer alternative to hydrochloric acid.

If your pool water’s pH is too low, it will start to hurt your eyes and skin and make you feel itchy. This can be easily fixed by adding ‘buffer’ or alkali like Swimart’s Aqua-health Alkalinity Increaser

During ongoing hot weather, pools don’t cool down overnight which leads to increased algae growth

Swimart’s handy power outage checklist

If you have recently experienced a power outage, follow these easy steps before using your pool to return your pool systems to normal:

  1. Once power is restored, check to see if your recirculation and purification systems are functioning
  2. Operate the pump and chlorinator for at least one hour
  3. Ensure proper pH and sanitiser residual. Check the sanitiser level as soon as possible
  4. Reset the timers for pumps, lights and other auxiliary equipment

Swimart’s essential guide for a sparkling pool all summer

Our professional pool technicians have created an easy guide to help you maintain your pool with minimal effort over the hectic summer period. That means more time to relax, cool off and enjoy your pool, and less time and money keeping it in peak condition.

Each day

Check the sanitiser/chlorine levels

Run the filtration systems for six to eight hours

Every two days

Check the pH level

Maintain the water level at least half way up to the skimmer box opening

Once a week

  • Check Total Alkalinity with a Swimart test kit or by taking a sample to your local Swimart store
  • Clean out your skimmer basket and hair and lint pot in your filtration pump
  • Brush or vacuum pool walls and floor
  • Thoroughly backwash your sand or DE filter, or remove and clean the cartridge from your cartridge filter with a hose, depending on pool use.

To rebalance pool water

Take a sample of your pool water from elbow depth away from the pool returns and take it to your local Swimart store to be professionally tested

To help protect your pool water’s chlorine from the sun’s UV rays

Use a stabiliser such as Swimart’s Aqua-health Sunscreen or use a chlorine with a built-in stabiliser such as Swimart’s Aqua-health Chlorine Concentrate

 Kill algae and keep it under control all summer with a quality algaecide like Aqua-health Concide Algaecide

Print out this guide and keep it handy this summer so your pool stays sparkling clean!

Swim year-round in beautiful warm water

Summer is here, the kids will soon be on school holidays (if they aren’t already), and many of us are enjoying a more relaxed pace at work – even if only for a few days. For pool owners, this time of the year means spending hours in the water without having to think about deadlines and schedules.

If only this warm and fuzzy summer feeling could last year-round. While we can’t help you with school or work, we can definitely extend your swimming season so that the perfect pool temperature you love diving into remains consistent regardless of the season. How? With a pool pump that takes the ambient heat from the atmosphere, and then transfers it to the pool water. No massive power bills and no waiting months for warmer water to swim in – which can take months in some part of Australia!

Swimart’s pool heat pump offer

Right now, Swimart is offering to install a Waterco Electroheat heat pump for free (on level ground (excluding electricals) – saving you hundreds of dollars – so you can stretch out summer.

Read about Electroheat’s energy efficiency features here.

To be eligible for the offer, the Electroheat pool heat pump needs to be sized by your local Swimart pool expert using the Waterco online calculator at

Offer valid 11 December 2018 to 31 December 2018 at participating Swimart outlets. Product availability in store may vary and is while stocks last.

Swimart’s top 10 summer pool care tips

Torrential rain, gale force winds, firestorms and drought-related heat spells – Australians experienced it all this spring. And with the Bureau of Meteorology predicting warmer than average days and El Niño conditions likely through the summer months[1], extra care is vital to keep our swimming pools clean and healthy.

That’s because the weather has a major effect on water chemistry, often providing the perfect breeding ground for algae to grow.

“Hot weather causes evaporation, which in turn leads to water imbalance and chemical loss; storms blow in debris and contaminants which lead to algal growth; and heavy rain dilutes pool chemicals causing water imbalance,” says Swimart’s pool and spa expert Rick Graham.

The best defence against algae, he explains, is chlorine: “With ongoing hot weather, pools don’t get the chance to cool down overnight, so the chlorine demand remains high.”

Phosphates, which algae feed on, also affect water quality. They enter pool water from a variety of sources – dust, rain, runoff from lawns and gardens, bird and bat droppings, dogs, top-up water and leaves – and chlorine alone can’t eliminate them.

“The first sign of an unhealthy pool is cloudy water as the lack of sanitiser causes algal blooms,” Rick says. “This increases the demand on the sanitiser. When growth is out of control the pool water turns green or dark brown, depending on the type of algae. You’ll see this first in places where the water circulation is poor, such as corners, steps, and where the pool floor meets the walls.”

How to prevent pool water from going cloudy this summer – Swimart’s top 10 tips

There are many causes of cloudy pool water, however the most common include: low level of sanitiser in the water, chemical imbalance, algae blooms, inefficient water circulation, and faulty filtration equipment. Here’s how to maintain sparkling clean water throughout the peak swimming season.

  1. Check your pool’s chlorine and pH level every two days, especially after a period of heavy usage and after a particularly hot day or period of solid rain
  2. Clean out your skimmer basket and hair and lint pot in your filtration pump weekly
  3. To re-balance pool water, take a sample from elbow depth away from the pool returns and take it to your local pool store to be professionally tested
  4. Use a quality algaecide like Aqua-Health Concide to keep algae at bay
  5. Operate the filtration system 6-8 hours a day
  6. Regularly check sanitiser levels, ideally on a daily basis
  7. Check Total Alkalinity (TA) weekly with a Swimart test kit or by taking a sample to your local Swimart store
  8. Thoroughly backwash your sand or DE filter, or remove and clean the cartridge from your cartridge filter with a hose, depending on pool use
  9. Maintain the water level at least half way up to the skimmer box opening
  10. Regularly brush or vacuum pool walls and floor

Going away this summer? Avoid the post-holiday blues with Swimart!

Heading away with the family but not sure who’s going to take care of your swimming pool? With Swimart’s 2 Week Wonder Holiday Service, we’ll do the work for you so you return home to a sparkling, clean pool. Dive right in with Swimart!

Heat Pump Information Video 

[1] BOM Climate Outlooks

Swimart’s range of Trident Robotic Pool Cleaner

The swimming season has well and truly started in many parts of Australia, and that means our pools need ongoing TLC to ensure they stay clean and hygienic over spring and summer. Sparkling pool water not only looks inviting to swim in but also prevents swimmers from walking away with itchy skin or red eyes.

An automatic pool cleaner is a worthwhile investment if you want to keep manual pool maintenance to a minimum. They reduce the amount of debris that enters your filtration system, which means your filter doesn’t have to work as long or as hard and the water requires less chemicals.

So, if you’re looking for something that’s lightweight, reliable, efficient and economical, then you really can’t go past Swimart’s all-terrain Trident Robotic Pool Cleaners.

Easy peasy pool cleaning

Trident cleaners operate independently of the pool filtration system and they use intelligent programs and advanced software to cover the whole pool area effectively. Their special sensors detect when they’re on the pool wall or floor, ensuring every nook and cranny is cleaned. They also demand less electricity than filtration pumps and motors for suction cleaners, and reduce filtration needs in general.

Once a Trident Robotic Pool Cleaner is placed in the water, you’ll see it quietly moving around cleaning the floor, walls, and waterline. Unlike some cleaners that stop in their tracks or move around in circles when they hit an obstacle, a Trident simply reverses out and moves on. How clever is that?!   .

Get Set for Summer – and save money – on Swimart’s range of Trident Robotic Pool Cleaners

Swimart currently has some high performers at great prices and with extra warranty during our Get Set for Summer promotion, which ends November 25.

For pools up to 8m in length: Consider the lightweight, compact and super economical Trident ECO (now $995) which cleans any type of pool in just one and a half hours using minimal water and electricity.

For pools up to 10m: The lightweight Trident HYDRO (now $1699 plus $100 Swimart voucher) has advanced scanning software that calculates the most efficient route to ensure pool floor and walls are fully covered – and obstacles dodged – to achieve a thorough clean in just two hours.

For pools up to 15m: The Trident PRO (now $2699 with extra warranty) also has advanced scanning software plus triple-action brushes, two drive motors for exceptional coverage and manoeuvrability, filter bag indicator, and remote controlled set up so you can choose the cleaning program, start time and duration.

Swimart’s Get Set for Summer catalogue promotional period ends 25th November 2018. Visit or call your local Swimart for more details on the promotional offers available.




Swimart’s list of pool-friendly plants will ensure your garden is lush with minimal maintenance.

Choosing the right species for your pool deck can save a lot of time, money and effort.

Create lush landscaping with these pool-friendly plants.

Creating lush landscaping around your swimming pool provides welcome shade, privacy and protection from wind, and also a splash of colour in a sea of blue and green. And while many of us have our favourite go-to species, they may not be the best choices for growing near the pool.

That’s because plants must be able to withstand exposure to salt or chlorine from pool splash and tolerate the high winds and harsh glare typically associated with exposed pool decks. Also, increased humidity levels and intense sunlight reflected from pool water can create a harsh microclimate that puts plants under further duress.

Choosing plants with minimal leaf litter, and preferably ones without spines, thorns or seed pods, will mean less time needed to vacuum the pool – and less effort required from your filtration system.

An example of species suitable for pool decks include:

  • Blueberry ash
  • Bull banksia
  • Himalayan dogwood
  • Holly leaved grevillea
  • Native fuchsia
  • Prostrate grevillea
  • Waxflower

 Avoid robust root systems

Species with notoriously invasive and potentially destructive root systems like bamboo and umbrella trees may provide great shade but below ground can compromise pool paving, underground water pipes, and even the pool shell itself.

Other species to avoid include rubber trees, messy melaleucas and deciduous trees. Also watch out for plants prone to pests and diseases, as pesticides and pool water are a dangerous mix.

Salt-tolerant coastal species

Palms, agave attenuates, bromeliads, cycads, coastal banksia, dianellas, pig face and echiums are considered salt-tolerant species – be it from water splash or coastal locations. As a general rule of thumb, horticulturalists also recommend plants with silvery, furry or waxy leaves, such as bromeliads, agaves, aloe, yucca and cycads.

Nurture new plants

No matter how hardy a plant is, you will need to take extra special care of it until it is properly established. Regularly deep-water plantings, especially when you first put them in the ground, and continue to do this at least twice a month during dry periods.

Smaller plants and seedlings will also need protection from the sun, so generously mulch around these plants to regulate soil temperature and retain moisture. (Avoid root rot by keeping mulch away from the trunk). You might need to consider a light shade cloth if it’s in direct sun for most of the day.

Swimart’s handy pool and garden tools

Our new range of pool tools, which are on sale this spring, make it easier to keep your pool deck leaf free while reducing wear and tear on your filtration system. They include:

  • Leaf canister – extra-large basket or bag traps leaves and debris before they reach the filter system
  • Pruning saw – fits onto any telescopic pole to help you easily and safely remove branches and palm fronds
  • Vektro rechargeable pool vacuum – includes a lithium ion battery that delivers constant performance for 30 minutes, without any drops in suction!

Check out more handy pool and garden tools in Swimart’s Get Set for Summer catalogue.


Call 1300 991 104 or visit your nearest Swimart store for more advice about creating a lush poolscape this summer.




Get the best pump for your pool with Swimart’s product guide. Includes energy saving models that reduce power bills.

Which speed pool pump is right for you?

The pump is the heart of your pool’s filtration system, keeping water clear and sparkling clean.

Whether you’re after a pump for a new pool, or a replacement pump for an existing pool, Swimart has a high-quality range of models to choose from. Incorporating the latest technology to deliver the right combination of performance and energy savings, they’re engineered to the highest standards.

There are four types of domestic pool pumps on the market – fixed, dual, multiple and variable – which operate at different speeds and use corresponding amounts of electricity.

Single speed pumps are typically made with an induction style electric motor and only operate at one speed (full horsepower) whenever you turn it on

Dual speed pumps feature an induction style electric motor and are capable of either low or high-speed operation. We do not have this in our range

Multiple speed pumps are made with an induction style electric motor but operate at a number of different fixed speeds

Variable speed pumps are typically made with permanent electric magnet motors enabling you to control the speed, whether low or high, or anywhere in between. The advanced technology in the motor allows it to run at the same speed as a fixed pump using less electricity.

Energy-efficient variable speed pool pumps growing in popularity

Pumps don’t need to run at full speed 24-7 to keep the water clean. In fact, when it is filtering water, a pump can run at a much lower speed than when it’s doing more demanding jobs, like powering a pool cleaner or water feature.

Reducing your energy bills and maintaining a clean and healthy swimming pool doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive – not when you invest in an energy efficient, Eco pool pump.

Unlike fixed pumps that are limited to one set high flow rate speed, variable models can be adjusted to a slower speed for everyday operation. The slower the pump operates, the less amount of energy used to power it and better filtration By allowing the water to turned over at lower speed the filter media has more contact allowing for improved filtration of the water.

For example, Hydrostorm ECO-V’s three speed (this is a variable speed the supatuff is the multi speed) options cater for most pool functions, including:

  1. High speed for vacuuming and backwash 1 per cent of the time
  2. Medium speed for automatic pool cleaners
  3. Low speed for filtration 99 per cent of the time

Lowering a pump’s flow rate not only significantly decreases the pump’s energy requirements, but also reduces water flow resistance in your pool equipment and plumbing. A slow flow rate also has the added benefit of improving your pool’s filtration efficiency, which enhances the clarity of your pool water.

The Hydrostorm ECO-V150 also has a variable speed motor that allows you to set the pump at a low, energy saving flow rate for every day filtration. The pump uses more than 80 per cent less electricity than a regular pool pump, earning it an 8 star energy rating.

And unlike single speed pumps that can’t be used at night because of their high noise levels, the Hydrostorm ECO-V 150 is one of the quietest pumps on the market, operating at just 55 decibels. This means it can be operated during the evening, so you can take advantage of cost-effective, off peak electricity tariff periods – without upsetting the neighbours.

Read more about energy saving variable speed pumps here.

 Fixed speed pumps ideal for xx purely an upfront cost saving)

Although variable speed pumps are the more environmentally friendly and energy efficient choice out of the two types, there are still options within the fixed speed pumps that have features which help reduce the impact the device has on the environment, not to mention your next electricity bill.

For example, Lacron’s Grange pump has efficient hydraulic performance that shortens the time the pump needs to run, decreasing the amount of energy used.

Other ways to save energy with a fixed speed pump include using pump timers to ensure the pump doesn’t run longer than it needs to and reducing the number of hours you run it during cooler months.

 Swimart offers a range of high-quality pool pumps that are engineered to last. For expert advice on the right model for your needs, consult your local Swimart professional.

Replace your old halogen pool light with Britestream LEDs and slash your power consumption by 85%! Now 20% off RRP at Swimart.

Slash your energy bills with LED pool lights

Britestream LED lights have a lifespan of 70,000 hours. That means if you kept them switched on for six hours a day, they’d last 30 years!

There’s something special about taking a refreshing dip in a pool on a warm summer’s night – even better when you’re bathed in bright blue, red or green light! Pool lighting really does provide hours of entertainment, and not just for the kids. And, like garden lights, they highlight special features you wouldn’t normally see after dark.

Available in flush-mounted or wall mounted fittings, LEDs (light emitting diodes) have revolutionised the lighting industry over the past 10-15 years with their low energy usage and long-lasting quality. And although they’re usually more expensive, LEDs use just 15 watts of energy. That’s about 15 per cent of the power consumed by a standard underwater halogen light. They also emit light in a specific direction, and don’t create the same amount of heat.

Britestream LED lights bring your pool to life

Swimart’s Britestream range is among the brightest on the market. Their super-bright LEDs are capable of delivering 352 lumens. (FYI, a lumen is the measure of the total amount of visible light to the human eye from a lamp or light source. The higher the lumen rating, the “brighter” the lamp will appear.)

They’re also built to last with a lifespan of 70,000 hours. To put that in perspective, if you ran your lights for six hours a day, they’d last 30 years. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll need to replace your pool before you need to replace the lights!

Britestream lights are designed so you can easily replace your existing halogen pool lights and, thus, slash your pool light electrical power requirements by 85 per cent. The Britestream LED Replacement Kit includes a retrofit connector and a universal pool light adaptor, cleverly designed to adapt the Britestream to convert a majority of light fittings.

BriteLUX Diffuser Lens improves light output by 50 per cent

The revolutionary BriteLUX Diffuser Lens radiates light throughout the entire circumference of the lens, improving the light’s luminosity by 50 per cent in comparison to standard LED light lens.

Available in new installation kits, and replacement light kits that can be used to upgrade older halogen or LED pool lights, the BriteLUX lens is engineered to significantly boost colour saturation and increase light transmission.

Special features include:

  • Superior optical properties
  • Enhanced colour saturation
  • Light diffusing particles for even illumination
  • More light means less LED fittings for swimming pool installations
  • Engineered to diffuse hot spots while maintaining very high light transmission
  • Reduced power usage and environmental efficiencies
  • Robust construction for long life
  • Available in White and Multicoloured options

 Installing LED pool lights in your pool not only looks great at night but also creates a striking ambiance when you’re entertaining. Your pool becomes a focal point, even when no one is swimming in it.

Call 1300 991 104 or visit your nearest Swimart store for more advice about pool lighting.




Smart pool sense is the best insurance policy this summer, say the pool and spa experts at Swimart.

The weather is already warming up and daylight savings has started in New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. That means it won’t be long before we’re inviting friends over for an afternoon barbeque and dip in the pool. However, while many of us have kept up basic pool water maintenance routine over winter, we probably haven’t given much thought to the equipment we rely to keep the pool area safe – namely the fence, gate, and latch.

“Spending summer in the pool is where memories are made, but for the safety of small children, the elderly or inexperienced swimmers, it’s important that they are properly secured and regularly maintained,” says Rick Graham, Swimart’s pool and spa expert.

“With children under the age of five at most risk of drowning, nothing replaces close supervision by a responsible adult,” he says. “However, having complying fences and gates around pools and spas goes a long way to reducing the very real danger of children wandering into water they can’t handle.”

Keep friends and family safe with Swimart’s common sense safety tips:

  1. Regularly check fences, gates and child resistant locks are working properly
  2. Pool gates must open outward from pool, be self-closing and self-latching, latch shut on the first swing, be more than 1.5m from the ground, and comply with local council regulations
  3. Pool fence must be secure and in good working order, should be at least 1.2m high and no more than 100mm from the ground, and not have vertical gaps more than 100mm apart
  4. Do not prop the gate open and ensure there are no gaps under the pool fence that young kids can climb under, or climbable furniture they can use to gain access into the pool area
  5. Empty smaller wading pools and put them away when you are finished using them
  6. Store portable pools safely away from young children, and ensure they cannot fill with rain water or water from sprinklers
  7. Actively supervise children within arms’ reach whenever they are in, or around the water
  8. Never rely on older children to supervise younger children
  9. Teach children about water safety from an early age and consider enrolling them in a swim class at the beginning of the season
  10. Encourage everyone in your family to learn resuscitation and first aid skills
  11. Clearly display a legible CPR chart in the pool area
  12. Securely store pool chemicals out of view and out of children’s reach


Home pool safety smartphone app

Ensure your swimming pool is safe for children with Royal Life Saving’s Keep Watch Pool Safety app – an interactive checklist for your home swimming pool.

Standards and regulations can be a headache, and non-compliance can lead to expensive fines. Pool Safety takes the hassle out of ensuring that your pool is as safe as possible.

The comprehensive checklist covers the swimming pool gate; pool fence; supervision; pumps, grates and suction; emergency preparation; chemicals; and electricity. You can use the checklist to identify a problem, take a photo and email a report.

Also, up to six family members can use this app with Family Sharing enabled.

 Pool safety and holiday rentals

If you are planning to rent out your home through sites like Airbnb or Stayz, or book a summer house with a pool, Rick says it’s important that a safe swimming environment is provided for all guests.

“In addition to things like indemnity insurance, it’s important that Airbnb hosts outline key safety measures and rules clearly in their terms and conditions,” he explains. “Displaying an approved resuscitation chart in the pool area, providing contacts for local emergency providers, and regularly checking gates and latches are just some of the things pool and spa owners can do to ensure guest safety, and peace of mind.”

*Each state and territory in Australia have its own laws regarding pool fencing, so homeowners are advised to check with their local SPASA (Swimming Pool and Spa Association) or local council.

 Call 1300 991 104 or visit your nearest Swimart store for more safety advice or to update your CPR chart.






Two standout energy efficient Waterco products win five coveted industry awards

“Sustainability fuels innovation – and it sells” says SPASA spokesperson

Waterco’s energy efficient pool and spa innovations have been recognised at the annual Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) awards, withthree chapters of the organisation signalling out the same two products for top honours.

The Hydrochlor Chlorinator and Britestream MK5 LED Light received the following awards:

  • Gold for Sustainable Product of the Year – Britestream MK5 LED Light (NSW SPASA Awards)
  • Silver for Product of the Year – Hydrochlor Chlorinator (NSW SPASA Awards)
  • Silver for Product of the Year – Hydrochlor Mineral Chlorinator (SA SPASA Awards)
  • Silver for Sustainable Product of the Year – Britestream MK5 LED Light (SA SPASA Awards)
  • Bronze for Sustainable Product of the Year – Britestream MK5 LED Light (SPASA National Awards of Excellence)

 “The need for energy savings is increasingly gaining awareness in the pool and spa market and these awards reinforce Waterco as a pioneer in designing and manufacturing sustainable products,” says Waterco group marketing director Bryan Goh.

“Our R&D department has worked hard to fine tune both products and so these awards validate our company’s mantra to help pool and spa owners reduce their water and energy consumption.”

66 per cent less electricity and a universal housing that reduces store inventory requirements

Hydrochlor uses Switch Mode Power supply that uses up to 66 per cent less electricity compared to standard toroidal transformer chlorinators.

“It Intelligently recognises the size of the connected salt cell and automatically adjusts its power output,” Bryan explains.

Furthermore, retail stores only need to stock one power pack and three different sized cells, thereby reducing their inventory requirements.

“Hydrochlor cell housings are universal, so if the required cell is not in stock, a store can simply supply an alternate cell and replace the installed cell at a later date,” he says.

Increasing light transmission by 50 percent using the same amount of electricity

“Britestream significantly boosts colour saturation and increases light transmission by 50 percent with the same input of energy,” Bryan explains. “The combination of the new lens and new German LEDs has resulted in an increase in brightness of 258 per cent with the same power usage of only 15 watts.”

Sustainability fuels innovations

SPASA Australia chief operating officer Spiros Dassakis says that while not everyone is an environmental crusader, the increasing uptake of energy and water efficient products prove that even on a micro level, people want to save money.

“For today’s pool and spa consumers, a sustainable brand is considered a more desirable brand,” says Spiros, who recently launched ‘Climate Care Certified’, the new benchmark for efficiency and sustainability in the swimming pool and spa industry.

“Furthermore, manufacturers, retailers, builders and technicians want it because sustainability sells. That’s because they are now gaining a better understanding of who their customers are insofar as the environment, and the costs associated with their pools and spas and the potential savings.”

“Waterco, as an industry multi-award winner, has embraced the need for consumers to be provided with a choice that enables them to feel positive about their decision to invest in a pool and/or spa,” he says. “And, as an early adopter of sustainable technologies, it has also reinvented its products with consumers’ preferences in mind.”

Put simply, Spiros believes Waterco’s commitment to environmental sustainability allows pool and spa consumers to feel responsible.

“Energy efficiency provides us with an inspired industry,” he says. “Our vision is to create a sustainable, growing industry that continues to appeal to people who want to purchase pool and spa products. Waterco, being an award winner in these particular categories, is a sign that our industry is responsive and agile and has the potential to shape consumer behaviour. Because ultimately, we want people to walk away feeling good about their pool and spa purchases, and Waterco is helping lead that change.”


 About Waterco Ltd –

Waterco pioneers reliable solutions for healthy, safe water environments, which are used in residential, commercial and industrial applications in over 40 countries. Established in 1981 with a single pool pump store in Sydney, Australia, it has since become a global brand recognised for designing and manufacturing filtration and sanitisation innovations for the swimming pool, spa, aquaculture, and water purification sectors.

Listed on the ASX in 1989, Waterco (ASX:WAT) has evolved into a technological and manufacturing powerhouse that makes products more energy and water efficient, and easier to maintain.

Waterco is also the franchisor of Swimart, one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest network of pool and spa retail outlets, which has 73 franchise outlets and a fleet of more than 250 mobile service vans. It is also the exclusive distributor of Zane Pool Heating solutions via a network of Australian dealerships.

Waterco’s head office is in Sydney, Australia with international offices, manufacturing and R&D plants and warehouses located in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, China, US, Canada, France, and the UK.



Swimart explains the tell-tale signs that your pool equipment might need to be repaired or replaced.

When it comes to our pool’s filtration, sanitation and cleaning equipment, it’s often a case of out of sight and out of mind. But with everything in life, wear and tear slowly reduces their efficiency and when that goes unnoticed, costly replacement bills usually follow.
While there are many factors that contribute to these valuable pieces of pool equipment breaking down, there are a few red flags you should be looking and listening out for.
1. Poor water quality
No matter how many chemicals you pour in to the pool, they only work as well as the equipment they pass through. So, if you notice the water looking cloudy or dirty, check the water chemistry with a testing kit to ensure it is balanced correctly. If you notice the water quickly loses clarity, it’s time to look at whether your pool pump, pool filter or chlorinator is faulty.

2. High water pressure
When we have high blood pressure, the heart is forced to work harder to pump blood around the body, which weakens it. The same can be said, to some extent, about your pool’s filtration system. An increase in your PSI (per square inch) pressure reading is a sign that the filter is under strain, either through a blockage or plain old age.

If a quick clean with a hose does not fix the issue, try soaking it overnight soak with a cleaning product such as Poppits Cartridge Filter Cleaner. If it still registers high PSI levels afterwards, then it is definitely due to be replaced.

3. Too much backwashing
As your pool filter begins to age, the media inside it starts to disintegrate, creating the need for excessive cleaning and backwashing to avoid dirty pool water. If this is the case, you know it’s time to replace the filter media.

However, if you notice sandy deposits or diatomaceous earth on the bottom of the pool, the sand filter laterals or diatomaceous grids may be faulty. If that’s the case, it’s time to call your local Swimart pool technician.

Pool filter cartridge checklist:
Flattened pleats – The pleated ridges in the cartridge are designed to trap the dirt, debris and finer particles that pass through it and, when they flatten out due to wear and tear, they are no longer able to do their job properly. Flattened pleats also restricts water flow, which reduces the cartridge’s ability to clean the pool efficiently.

Broken bands – Bands play an important role in keeping the pleats from flattening out when under pressure. These bands are under considerable (and constant) pressure, and can break over time. When one or more of these bands are broken, the effectiveness of the cartridge filter can be compromised.

Cracked endcaps – Over time, the plastic endcaps of a filter, which are designed to keep the material compact, can become brittle and weaker from constant pressure and chemical exposure. Once an end cap begins to crack or chip, it’s best to replace the cartridge right away to prevent any broken pieces from circulating through the filter system and potentially causing equipment damage.

Furry fabric – Cartridges are generally made of polyester that wear out over time. A common sign they’re getting old is when the material starts to look ‘furry’, which is caused by the tiny fibres tearing apart and standing upright. Small tears or microscopic holes will eventually turn into one gigantic rip, so it’s best to replace the cartridge before this happens.

Maintaining filtration, sanitation equipment is an important part of pool and spa ownership and acting quickly when you see or hear a problem is crucial to avoid costly repairs and/or replacement. To make your life easier, Swimart repairs and services almost every brand and model on the market. We are also authorised warranty agents/repairers for many reputable brands so call us on 1300 991 104 to book an appointment.

Swimart grants Starlight Wish for a seriously ill Queensland boy

Family-owned pool store, Swimart Browns Plains has given “the best present ever” to a young Queensland boy with a serious disability whose Starlight Wish was to have his own swimming pool slide.

Teaming up with S.R. Smith, a world leader in swimming pool deck equipment, the ‘Typhoon’ slide was installed for William (surname withheld) at his home in Bahrs Scrub, much to the delight of the seven-year-old.

“We wanted to keep the costs down for the Starlight Foundation and William’s family, so we assembled and installed the slide for free,” says Swimart Browns Plains store manager, Brad Austin.

William, who was present throughout the installation process, couldn’t contain his joy.

“For a kid that’s crook, he’s got a bit of cheek,” Brad jests. “The slide is 2.2 metres high, so as he climbed the stairs he got a bit nervous. But after a couple of minutes his mum helped him down the slide, then after that you couldn’t keep him off it.”

Brad, who recently became a father, says it was a truly heartwarming experience.

“It’s not always about making money,” he says. “In this case it was about making William – and his family – smile. I don’t think I’ve had a happier customer.”

Swimart and S.R. Smith team up to support The Starlight Children’s Foundation  

The Starlight Children’s Foundation relies on the generous support of businesses like Swimart Browns Plains to help brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families.

“Sometimes the smallest of wishes can make the world of difference to a young person’s life,” says Starlight Children’s Foundation Wish Experience Coordinator Stacey Hubert.

“What was so beautiful about William’s wish was that something as simple as a pool slide, which might not mean much to you or me, totally made his year. That was a big dream that came true for him and something he will be able to use every day for years to come.”

William’s mother Kylie says she has not been able to wipe the smile off her son’s face since the slide was installed and is very appreciative of what Swimart and S.R. Smith have done for her little boy.

“We are having a hard time getting him out of the pool and off the slide – he has very wrinkled fingers and toes,” she says. “William said: ‘this is the best present ever’, and he has been giving the slide kisses.”

Aqua-Health Winter Pool Protection Pack

Prevention is better than cure and this is particularly important in winter when it’s often a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. That’s because your pool is more susceptible to going green and looking dirty because it isn’t given as much attention when you’re not using it. However, the more preventative products you use now, the more money you will save in the long run – and the fewer problems you will have at the beginning of spring and summer when you want to start using your pool again.

Protect your investment with Swimart’s Specialised Pool Care Pack

Aqua-Health’s Winter Pool Protection Pack utilises three potent products that are used in conjunction with each other to act as an insurance policy against common problems that occur in winter, such as algae, phosphates, a build-up of calcium and scale, stain causing metals in the water and a scale encrusted salt chlorinator cell.

You can easily minimise the chances of these problems occurring with Swimart’s Winter Pool Protection Pack, which includes the following:

  • Aqua-Health Concide for algae
  • Aqua-Health Starver®M for phosphates
  • Aqua-Health Aquaguard C.S.M. for scale, calcium and metals, and also to protect your chlorinator cell if you have one

Aqua-Health Concide is Swimart’s recommended ‘winteriser’ and is the perfect algae protector for your pool right through the colder months. It’s a long life, copper-based algaecide that will both kill and control algae growth, as well as causing a notable drop in chemical costs. It is very economical to use and one 500ml dose will treat a 60,000-litre pool for up to three months.

Aqua-Health Starver®M is our high strength phosphate remover and preventative. It should be used in winter to keep the phosphate level as close to zero as possible in order to give algae nothing to feed upon and allow other chemicals to work at their most effective levels. Leaves, rain, plants, grass clippings, fertiliser and bathers all deposit phosphate in to the water. In most cases, the presence of phosphate indicates that this is likely to be an ongoing problem. This is another reason why it makes good sense to dose a phosphate affected pool regularly with Aqua-Health Starver®M. Phosphate is a major food source for algae. If you have phosphate in the water algae is sure to follow. Phosphate also prevents other chemicals from working at their most effective levels. These include algaecides, chlorine, salt chlorination and all other sanitisers.

Aqua-Health Aquaguard C.S.M. is another product highly recommended by Swimart for winter. It is a multi-function preventative solution that can be used for a diverse range of issues to enhance the quality of pool surrounds, pool equipment and pool water. It only needs to be added to a pool once every three months for regular maintenance and you only need to add 500ml to 50,000 litres of pool water.

Special features include:

  • Keeping scale at bay by assisting in the removal of existing scale and inhibiting the build-up of scale from pool walls, equipment and pipes
  • Acting as an extremely powerful sequestering agent meaning that its presence in the water will inhibit metal elements such as iron and copper from dropping out of solution
  • Working as a salt chlorinator cell protector by inhibiting the build-up of scale on chlorinator cells, keeping them soft and preventing the likelihood of build-up from occurring in the first place

Swimart’s Winter Pool Protection Pack can guard your pool from so many different things throughout winter as well as saving you time, hassles and money at the beginning of the swimming season when you are ready to dive back in!