Two standout energy efficient Waterco products win five coveted industry awards

“Sustainability fuels innovation – and it sells” says SPASA spokesperson

Waterco’s energy efficient pool and spa innovations have been recognised at the annual Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) awards, withthree chapters of the organisation signalling out the same two products for top honours.

The Hydrochlor Chlorinator and Britestream MK5 LED Light received the following awards:

  • Gold for Sustainable Product of the Year – Britestream MK5 LED Light (NSW SPASA Awards)
  • Silver for Product of the Year – Hydrochlor Chlorinator (NSW SPASA Awards)
  • Silver for Product of the Year – Hydrochlor Mineral Chlorinator (SA SPASA Awards)
  • Silver for Sustainable Product of the Year – Britestream MK5 LED Light (SA SPASA Awards)
  • Bronze for Sustainable Product of the Year – Britestream MK5 LED Light (SPASA National Awards of Excellence)

 “The need for energy savings is increasingly gaining awareness in the pool and spa market and these awards reinforce Waterco as a pioneer in designing and manufacturing sustainable products,” says Waterco group marketing director Bryan Goh.

“Our R&D department has worked hard to fine tune both products and so these awards validate our company’s mantra to help pool and spa owners reduce their water and energy consumption.”

66 per cent less electricity and a universal housing that reduces store inventory requirements

Hydrochlor uses Switch Mode Power supply that uses up to 66 per cent less electricity compared to standard toroidal transformer chlorinators.

“It Intelligently recognises the size of the connected salt cell and automatically adjusts its power output,” Bryan explains.

Furthermore, retail stores only need to stock one power pack and three different sized cells, thereby reducing their inventory requirements.

“Hydrochlor cell housings are universal, so if the required cell is not in stock, a store can simply supply an alternate cell and replace the installed cell at a later date,” he says.

Increasing light transmission by 50 percent using the same amount of electricity

“Britestream significantly boosts colour saturation and increases light transmission by 50 percent with the same input of energy,” Bryan explains. “The combination of the new lens and new German LEDs has resulted in an increase in brightness of 258 per cent with the same power usage of only 15 watts.”

Sustainability fuels innovations

SPASA Australia chief operating officer Spiros Dassakis says that while not everyone is an environmental crusader, the increasing uptake of energy and water efficient products prove that even on a micro level, people want to save money.

“For today’s pool and spa consumers, a sustainable brand is considered a more desirable brand,” says Spiros, who recently launched ‘Climate Care Certified’, the new benchmark for efficiency and sustainability in the swimming pool and spa industry.

“Furthermore, manufacturers, retailers, builders and technicians want it because sustainability sells. That’s because they are now gaining a better understanding of who their customers are insofar as the environment, and the costs associated with their pools and spas and the potential savings.”

“Waterco, as an industry multi-award winner, has embraced the need for consumers to be provided with a choice that enables them to feel positive about their decision to invest in a pool and/or spa,” he says. “And, as an early adopter of sustainable technologies, it has also reinvented its products with consumers’ preferences in mind.”

Put simply, Spiros believes Waterco’s commitment to environmental sustainability allows pool and spa consumers to feel responsible.

“Energy efficiency provides us with an inspired industry,” he says. “Our vision is to create a sustainable, growing industry that continues to appeal to people who want to purchase pool and spa products. Waterco, being an award winner in these particular categories, is a sign that our industry is responsive and agile and has the potential to shape consumer behaviour. Because ultimately, we want people to walk away feeling good about their pool and spa purchases, and Waterco is helping lead that change.”


 About Waterco Ltd –

Waterco pioneers reliable solutions for healthy, safe water environments, which are used in residential, commercial and industrial applications in over 40 countries. Established in 1981 with a single pool pump store in Sydney, Australia, it has since become a global brand recognised for designing and manufacturing filtration and sanitisation innovations for the swimming pool, spa, aquaculture, and water purification sectors.

Listed on the ASX in 1989, Waterco (ASX:WAT) has evolved into a technological and manufacturing powerhouse that makes products more energy and water efficient, and easier to maintain.

Waterco is also the franchisor of Swimart, one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest network of pool and spa retail outlets, which has 73 franchise outlets and a fleet of more than 250 mobile service vans. It is also the exclusive distributor of Zane Pool Heating solutions via a network of Australian dealerships.

Waterco’s head office is in Sydney, Australia with international offices, manufacturing and R&D plants and warehouses located in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, China, US, Canada, France, and the UK.



Swimart explains the tell-tale signs that your pool equipment might need to be repaired or replaced.

When it comes to our pool’s filtration, sanitation and cleaning equipment, it’s often a case of out of sight and out of mind. But with everything in life, wear and tear slowly reduces their efficiency and when that goes unnoticed, costly replacement bills usually follow.
While there are many factors that contribute to these valuable pieces of pool equipment breaking down, there are a few red flags you should be looking and listening out for.
1. Poor water quality
No matter how many chemicals you pour in to the pool, they only work as well as the equipment they pass through. So, if you notice the water looking cloudy or dirty, check the water chemistry with a testing kit to ensure it is balanced correctly. If you notice the water quickly loses clarity, it’s time to look at whether your pool pump, pool filter or chlorinator is faulty.

2. High water pressure
When we have high blood pressure, the heart is forced to work harder to pump blood around the body, which weakens it. The same can be said, to some extent, about your pool’s filtration system. An increase in your PSI (per square inch) pressure reading is a sign that the filter is under strain, either through a blockage or plain old age.

If a quick clean with a hose does not fix the issue, try soaking it overnight soak with a cleaning product such as Poppits Cartridge Filter Cleaner. If it still registers high PSI levels afterwards, then it is definitely due to be replaced.

3. Too much backwashing
As your pool filter begins to age, the media inside it starts to disintegrate, creating the need for excessive cleaning and backwashing to avoid dirty pool water. If this is the case, you know it’s time to replace the filter media.

However, if you notice sandy deposits or diatomaceous earth on the bottom of the pool, the sand filter laterals or diatomaceous grids may be faulty. If that’s the case, it’s time to call your local Swimart pool technician.

Pool filter cartridge checklist:
Flattened pleats – The pleated ridges in the cartridge are designed to trap the dirt, debris and finer particles that pass through it and, when they flatten out due to wear and tear, they are no longer able to do their job properly. Flattened pleats also restricts water flow, which reduces the cartridge’s ability to clean the pool efficiently.

Broken bands – Bands play an important role in keeping the pleats from flattening out when under pressure. These bands are under considerable (and constant) pressure, and can break over time. When one or more of these bands are broken, the effectiveness of the cartridge filter can be compromised.

Cracked endcaps – Over time, the plastic endcaps of a filter, which are designed to keep the material compact, can become brittle and weaker from constant pressure and chemical exposure. Once an end cap begins to crack or chip, it’s best to replace the cartridge right away to prevent any broken pieces from circulating through the filter system and potentially causing equipment damage.

Furry fabric – Cartridges are generally made of polyester that wear out over time. A common sign they’re getting old is when the material starts to look ‘furry’, which is caused by the tiny fibres tearing apart and standing upright. Small tears or microscopic holes will eventually turn into one gigantic rip, so it’s best to replace the cartridge before this happens.

Maintaining filtration, sanitation equipment is an important part of pool and spa ownership and acting quickly when you see or hear a problem is crucial to avoid costly repairs and/or replacement. To make your life easier, Swimart repairs and services almost every brand and model on the market. We are also authorised warranty agents/repairers for many reputable brands so call us on 1300 991 104 to book an appointment.

Swimart grants Starlight Wish for a seriously ill Queensland boy

Family-owned pool store, Swimart Browns Plains has given “the best present ever” to a young Queensland boy with a serious disability whose Starlight Wish was to have his own swimming pool slide.

Teaming up with S.R. Smith, a world leader in swimming pool deck equipment, the ‘Typhoon’ slide was installed for William (surname withheld) at his home in Bahrs Scrub, much to the delight of the seven-year-old.

“We wanted to keep the costs down for the Starlight Foundation and William’s family, so we assembled and installed the slide for free,” says Swimart Browns Plains store manager, Brad Austin.

William, who was present throughout the installation process, couldn’t contain his joy.

“For a kid that’s crook, he’s got a bit of cheek,” Brad jests. “The slide is 2.2 metres high, so as he climbed the stairs he got a bit nervous. But after a couple of minutes his mum helped him down the slide, then after that you couldn’t keep him off it.”

Brad, who recently became a father, says it was a truly heartwarming experience.

“It’s not always about making money,” he says. “In this case it was about making William – and his family – smile. I don’t think I’ve had a happier customer.”

Swimart and S.R. Smith team up to support The Starlight Children’s Foundation  

The Starlight Children’s Foundation relies on the generous support of businesses like Swimart Browns Plains to help brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families.

“Sometimes the smallest of wishes can make the world of difference to a young person’s life,” says Starlight Children’s Foundation Wish Experience Coordinator Stacey Hubert.

“What was so beautiful about William’s wish was that something as simple as a pool slide, which might not mean much to you or me, totally made his year. That was a big dream that came true for him and something he will be able to use every day for years to come.”

William’s mother Kylie says she has not been able to wipe the smile off her son’s face since the slide was installed and is very appreciative of what Swimart and S.R. Smith have done for her little boy.

“We are having a hard time getting him out of the pool and off the slide – he has very wrinkled fingers and toes,” she says. “William said: ‘this is the best present ever’, and he has been giving the slide kisses.”

Aqua-Health Winter Pool Protection Pack

Prevention is better than cure and this is particularly important in winter when it’s often a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. That’s because your pool is more susceptible to going green and looking dirty because it isn’t given as much attention when you’re not using it. However, the more preventative products you use now, the more money you will save in the long run – and the fewer problems you will have at the beginning of spring and summer when you want to start using your pool again.

Protect your investment with Swimart’s Specialised Pool Care Pack

Aqua-Health’s Winter Pool Protection Pack utilises three potent products that are used in conjunction with each other to act as an insurance policy against common problems that occur in winter, such as algae, phosphates, a build-up of calcium and scale, stain causing metals in the water and a scale encrusted salt chlorinator cell.

You can easily minimise the chances of these problems occurring with Swimart’s Winter Pool Protection Pack, which includes the following:

  • Aqua-Health Concide for algae
  • Aqua-Health Starver®M for phosphates
  • Aqua-Health Aquaguard C.S.M. for scale, calcium and metals, and also to protect your chlorinator cell if you have one

Aqua-Health Concide is Swimart’s recommended ‘winteriser’ and is the perfect algae protector for your pool right through the colder months. It’s a long life, copper-based algaecide that will both kill and control algae growth, as well as causing a notable drop in chemical costs. It is very economical to use and one 500ml dose will treat a 60,000-litre pool for up to three months.

Aqua-Health Starver®M is our high strength phosphate remover and preventative. It should be used in winter to keep the phosphate level as close to zero as possible in order to give algae nothing to feed upon and allow other chemicals to work at their most effective levels. Leaves, rain, plants, grass clippings, fertiliser and bathers all deposit phosphate in to the water. In most cases, the presence of phosphate indicates that this is likely to be an ongoing problem. This is another reason why it makes good sense to dose a phosphate affected pool regularly with Aqua-Health Starver®M. Phosphate is a major food source for algae. If you have phosphate in the water algae is sure to follow. Phosphate also prevents other chemicals from working at their most effective levels. These include algaecides, chlorine, salt chlorination and all other sanitisers.

Aqua-Health Aquaguard C.S.M. is another product highly recommended by Swimart for winter. It is a multi-function preventative solution that can be used for a diverse range of issues to enhance the quality of pool surrounds, pool equipment and pool water. It only needs to be added to a pool once every three months for regular maintenance and you only need to add 500ml to 50,000 litres of pool water.

Special features include:

  • Keeping scale at bay by assisting in the removal of existing scale and inhibiting the build-up of scale from pool walls, equipment and pipes
  • Acting as an extremely powerful sequestering agent meaning that its presence in the water will inhibit metal elements such as iron and copper from dropping out of solution
  • Working as a salt chlorinator cell protector by inhibiting the build-up of scale on chlorinator cells, keeping them soft and preventing the likelihood of build-up from occurring in the first place

Swimart’s Winter Pool Protection Pack can guard your pool from so many different things throughout winter as well as saving you time, hassles and money at the beginning of the swimming season when you are ready to dive back in!

Swimart’s tips for a mini makeover will leave your pool ready to dive in come summer.

Is your pool area looking a little lackluster? With year-round exposure to the sun, water, salt and chlorine, it’s not surprising that tiles, paving, decking and fixtures can become faded, damaged and tired looking.

Fortunately, with a little affordable and easy DIY maintenance this winter, you can repair and refresh your pool area, ready to enjoy next spring.

How to fix gaps between the coping and pool surface

The quickest and easiest way to fill these gaps and recreate a water-tight seal is with a sealant such as Selleys Solar Flex. It accommodates slight movement in the pavers while providing protection from ultraviolet (UV) radiation and other harsh weather elements. And as it can be applied to wet surfaces you don’t have to empty the pool.

How to fix loose waterline tiles

Missing tiles are as ugly and ageing as missing teeth! Replacing tiles that are loose or have come away will instantly improve the look of your pool.

First, lower your pool’s water level to just below the tiles (if the level drops below the filter opening, turn the filter pump off until you refill the pool).

Next, remove loose tiles and scrape away remaining grout on the back of the tiles and the pool surface with a small, flat head screwdriver or chisel to ensure an even base. Any cracks in the pool surface behind the tiles, which may have caused them to lift off, will need to be repaired with cement. If these cracks aren’t filled, the tiles will become loose again in a short time.

There’s a choice of products you can use to bond tiles back onto the pool surface.

One is EZ Patch Pool Tile Repair Thinset Cement, which is used with EZ Patch 4 or EZ Patch 4 Fast Set Pool Tile Group Repair, a waterproof tile grout.

The EZ Patch cement dries quickly, so mix up small amounts, enough for three or four tiles at a time. Perform this task on a cool day or when this section of your pool is in shade will give you more time.

After mixing the cement to a smooth paste, spread a thin coat evenly on the pool surface then press the tile firmly or until some squeezes out the sides. Twenty-four hours later, grout the tiles by spreading the EZ Patch 4 grout between the tiles. When the grout has set, about 15 to 20 minutes later, wash off any excess from the tile surface. The following day, use a brush or scrubbing pad to remove any cloudy film from the tile surface.

Another product that attaches waterline tiles is Selleys Knead It Aqua, which has been formulated to bond tiles to wet surfaces. Start by cleaning the tile surface to remove any grease or dirt then knead the required amount of product like dough until it has a uniform colour. Apply the product to the back of the tile and place the tile on the surface. A hardened bond forms after just 20 to 30 minutes.

How to repair unstable and cracked pavers
Pavers can lift, sink, become unstable and crack when the ground beneath them moves or erodes, often due to pool water seepage, long periods of dry weather or wet weather, and ants which remove the base sand to build their nests. Aside from looking unattractive, lifted and unstable pavers create trip hazards.

Underneath most poolside pavers is a layer of either compacted gravel or reinforced concrete, which is widely recognised as best for stability, topped with a layer of sand. First, remove the unstable or cracked pavers, level the ground beneath with a 2.5cm layer of sand such as BC Sands coarse washed river sand or Bastion River Sand. Before replacing the paver, ensure the surface is level and remember to leave a gap of about 3mm between pavers to accommodate future movement.

How to refill coping paver joints
Coping pavers run around the edge of a pool and are often bullnose in style. Over time, the joins between these pavers become exposed, producing unattractive gaps. recommends filling coping paver gaps with mortar, a mixture of three parts sand and one part cement. Simply work some mortar into the gaps with a sponge while wearing gloves, including the gap underneath that extends over the pool edge, then wash it off with clean water.

How to replace cracked or unstable coping pavers says coping pavers need to be set on top of mortar rather than sand as they are next to the pool and more exposed to pool water and prone to movement.

First, remove any old uneven mortar base then spread a layer of new mortar on the paver bed. Run a notched trowel over the surface then lay the coping pavers so they fall slightly away from the pool (a spirit level can help ensure a uniform angle). Next, grout the joints with mortar. If you’re laying multiple pavers in a row, leave an unfilled expansion joint every two metres and fill it with silicone.

The final step is to fill the gaps with a paver sand such as Brunnings Landscaping Paver Sand or Powerloc Paving Sand, which stabilises pavers with a blend of sand and polymers that create a flexible bond.

Complete your pool mini renovation by creating a garden oasis or illuminating your pool with energy efficient lights.

Swimart’s tips for a mini makeover will leave your pool ready to dive in come summer.

Easy pool makeover tips: Part 2

With year-round exposure to the sun, water, salt and chlorine, it’s not surprising that timber pool decks can become faded, damaged and tired looking when winter comes around. While we’ve looked at how to repair damaged pool pavers and coping, this time we’re going to focus on how to maintain (and even install) timber surrounds.

Refresh your existing timber decking or install new decking
Over time, sun, water, pool water chemicals and salt cause decking to fade, dry out, splinter and warp. In addition to looking tired and giving you and your family splinters, lifted boards create a tripping hazard.

“Wood is a great material to use around pools as it naturally absorbs water quickly and minimises slipperiness when wet,” says Adam McDonald of Impressions Landscape.

The type of timber largely determines its durability. David Hayward from the Australian Timber Flooring Association recommends hardwoods with narrower sapwood (outer wood beneath the bark) and softwoods, provided the wider sapwood is appropriately treated. Argo Master Planner and Principal Architect Will Marcus recommends a durability grade 1 or at least grade 2 hardwood such as teak, ironbark or spotted gum that are 32mm, as thinner boards tend to buckle and pull up their fixings when used pool side.

Before you screw your timber boards and joists into place, apply a coat of water repellent preservative or oil based primer followed with an additional coat of a timber finish (after the deck has been constructed, apply additional coats of preservative and oil). To prevent your decking from becoming slippery when wet (cue Bon Jovi), add Intergrain UltraGrip to your timber finish to create a textured surface.

How to renew an existing dry, rough and faded decking
Follow a light sanding and a clean with Cabot’s Deck Clean to remove dirt and oils, apply a couple of coats of decking oil such as Cabot’s Aquadeck to create a protective weather-resistant finish, nourish the timber and help it regain its natural hue.

Synthetic and composite timber decking options
Traditionally made from a mix of waste wood or cellulose fibre and plastic, composite decking mimics the look of timber minus the drawbacks like warping, fading, splitting, decay and regular maintenance. However, like all wood, composite timbers will show signs of wear over time.

There’s a wide choice of synthetic decking on the market including Amber’s Timberstone, which are concrete tiles that replicate the look of timber sleepers with the durability of concrete; and Ekodeck, which is a mix of bamboo, reclaimed timber and polyethylene making it resistant to rot, decay, mildew, mould and termites as well as fade proof.

Complete your pool mini renovation by replacing discoloured, cracked or chipped filter covers and flaps and pool light guards. 



Enhance your swim and spa experience

Many of us retreat to our pool and spa to relax and recharge and the feel and smell of the water plays a big part in the quality of this experience.

Swimart offers a choice of three easy-to-use and economical to run sanitisers as well as high-purity mineral salts that create water that feels softer and silkier, is kinder to eyes and skin, and is virtually odour free.

For in-ground pools and all spas

The Zodiac Nature2 Sanitiser

Swimart’s Nature2 not only sanitises pool and spa water but also creates inviting crystal clear, silky smooth water with less chemicals.

The compact sanitiser works by using mineral technology, which automatically releases silver and copper ions into the water to kill harmful bacteria. While it works with chlorine, the sanitiser requires only a small amount of this chemical, which means the water is kinder to eyes and skin.

In addition to effectively creating clean, healthy water, Nature2 is both easy to install and low cost to run as it’s powered by the flow of water running through the pipe instead of electricity.

The complete Nature2 Sanitiser pack is all you need to enjoy this low-chlorine water treatment and includes an Express Vessel Sanitiser, Test Strips, Spa Stick and Express Cartridge (which requires replacing every six months).

The Zodiac Clearwater DUO Minerals and Saltwater Chlorinator

Regardless of whether you already use regular pool salt or liquid or granular chlorine, this new generation ‘combination’ chlorinator gives you the option of sanitising your pool with regular pool salt or mineral blended salts.

When you choose ‘Mineral’ for mineral blended salts in the start-up menu, the magnesium released into the water makes it feel softer and silkier and less irritating to eyes and skin. And, thanks to its natural clarifying properties, the magnesium helps pool and spa water stay clear and sparkling, which in turn reduces the need to add chemicals.

When you choose ‘Standard’ salt in the start-up menu, Swimart’s Clearwater DUO Minerals and Saltwater Chlorinator uses electrolysis to sanitise the water, a process that converts the chloride in the salt water into chlorine, which kills harmful bacteria and algae.

The Clearwater DUO is low maintenance due to its self-cleaning reversing electrode, and economical to run as the amount of salt required for the chlorinator to work is just six to eight 25kg-bags a year for an average size pool. This ratio of salt to water is about the same salt strength as a tear drop, making it kinder to swimmers’ eyes.

For spas and above-ground pools


As an easy-to-use sanitising system that creates crystal-clear chlorine-free and odourless water that is endorsed by the National Asthma Council Australia as the recommended product for asthma and eczema sufferers, it’s not surprising Poppits – ‘pop it in’ – are incredibly popular with many spa and above-ground pool owners.

Poppits works by increasing the oxygen in pool and spa water, which stops harmful bacteria getting a hold and growing. This same process is used worldwide to treat drinking water, which uses hydrogen peroxide to produce oxygen and water. Like treated drinking water, your spa and pool water are odourless, tasteless and free from harmful bacteria that can make you sick.

Swimart’s Poppits Sanosil Swim Spa Start Up Pack has all the products required to run and maintain clear and heathy water including:

  • A Pool & Spa Sanitiser that kills harmful bacteria
  • A Spa Complete Maintenance and Clarifier that enhances the efficiency of the sanitiser by reducing phosphate to clarify the water (especially suitable after heavy use)
  • A One Step Water Prep that maintains water balance and restores clarity by setting the preferred pH and alkalinity and ridding the water of organic matter such as hair, body oils, sunblock lotion, with a single dose (water stays balanced for three to four months, and remains fresh until the spa needs to be drained and refilled)
  • A Filter Cartridge Cleaner, which is a chlorine-free solution that effectively removes build-up of dirt
  • 50 Test Strips (50) to test peroxide, alkalinity and pH
  • A handy bucket

For all spas and pools

Aqua-Health Mineral Crystals

Mineral crystals instantly transform any pool and spa into a natural therapeutic oasis.

Fast dissolving and suitable for any type of pool and spa, Swimart’s Aqua-Health Mineral Crystals contain high purity magnesium, a naturally occurring mineral in the body, and work long side your pool’s existing water balancing chemicals.

Bathing in magnesium-enriched water has been popular for hundreds of years due to its therapeutic benefits including reducing muscle aches and pains, softening and hydrating skin, and relieving dry, itchy skin and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis (often exacerbated by chlorine).

Once dissolved in pool water, the mineral crystals have little to no taste and actually improve water clarity due to their natural ability to ‘collect’ and filter out fine particles of dust and dirt. This in turn reduces the need for additional chemicals like clarifiers and algaecides, saving you money on running costs.

In fact, just one 20kg bag of fast dissolving Aqua-Health Mineral Crystals is all you need to enhance your swim and spa experience.

4 head-turning benefits of variable speed pool pumps

Variable speed pool pumps are the quiet achievers of pool pumps, often passed over for conventional pumps. Which is surprising as these pumps effectively perform all the jobs of conventional pumps but are exceptionally energy efficient, which means reduced electricity bills, and ultra-quiet to run. The latter meaning you can operate them overnight to take advantage of the lower rates and keep your neighbours happy.

1. They use less energy

Variable speed pool pumps have three speeds – Low, Medium and High – and therefore the option to run on low speed to significantly reduce your power bills and operating noise.

Unlike conventional pool pumps which are limited to one speed that is set to meet the pool’s maximum water flow requirements, Swimart’s Waterco Hydrostorm and Supertuf variable speed pool pumps offer a choice of three speeds that enable you to set a speed to suit different water flow requirements such as filtration, backwashing, cleaning, water features, and swim spa jets.

As filtration is a pool pump’s job for 99 per cent of the time, by running a variable speed pool pump on Low during filtration will use less energy and therefore reduce your power bills.

For backwashing, vacuuming and operating automatic pool cleaners, which only consumes one per cent of the pump’s time, you can switch the variable speed pool pump onto Medium or High.

2. They deliver improved filtration

It may come as a surprise, but a pool filtration system doesn’t need to be operated at a pump’s maximum water flow rate. In fact, filtration efficiency improves at a slow flow rate, which in turn enhances the clarity of the pool water.

3. They increase the efficacy of water treatments

While variable speed pool pumps need to be run for longer whilst on a slow setting, by circulating the water over a long period of time they increase the efficacy of automatic chemical dosers and salt chlorinators.

4. They are ultra-quiet

Variable speed pool pumps’ ultra-low noise levels not only enhance your outdoor ambience but enables you to take advantage of overnight off-peak electricity rates without keeping your family awake or upsetting your neighbours.

The latest durable high performing variable speed pools pumps

As international specialists in the design and manufacture of innovative water filtration products, it’s not surprising that Waterco’s variable speed pool pumps boast durable, UV stabilised and corrosion-resistant parts and high-performance motors.

Their 8 star energy-rated Hydrostorm ECO-V100 and slightly larger Hydrostorm ECO-V150 variable pumps feature three automatic pump speed options – ECO (low), MED and HIGH – plus the added benefit of being able to manually make fine adjustments in operating speed in 25 RPM increments to perfectly match your swimming pool’s flow requirements while maximising energy savings.

On the Low or ECO speed setting, which you can use for filtration 99 per cent of the time, you can potentially enjoy 82 per cent savings in energy with the Hydrostorm ECO-V100 and 88 per cent with the Hydrostorm ECO-V150.

And whilst on the ECO speed setting, both Hydrostorm models boast ultra-low operating noise levels – just 55.5 decibels in the ECO-V100 and 55 decibels in the ECO-V150 compared to conventional pumps which operate at 70 decibels.

Waterco’s compact 7 star energy-rated Supatuf ECO variable pool pump also has a power saving, ultra-quiet three-speed motor that automatically lowers its energy usage and reduces operating noise levels.

Ideal for large swimming pools with heating, water features, vacuum cleaning and swim jets, the Supatuf ECO can reduce power bills by up to 70 per cent when operated on the Low speed setting for 99 per cent of the time.

The Supertuf ECO, Hydrostorm ECO-V100 and ECO-V150 variable speed pool pumps can be installed into a new or existing pool by a qualified technician and come with a three-year warranty.

Saves thousands of litres of water per year with Swimart’s MultiCyclone pre-filtration device.

Like most pool owners around the country, Swimart is constantly looking for ways to save time, water and energy when it comes to selecting the right pool equipment. Fortunately, Australia’s Waterco has made it easy by developing an entire range of eco-friendly products for every pool owner.

The EnviroPro range includes pumps, filters, filter media, solar panels and pool lighting, giving you numerous options and ways to reduce the environmental impact of your pool. We’re going to shine the light on one particular product, which not only saves thousands of litres of water per year but also requires less maintenance. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?!

The MultiCyclone pre-filtration device

MultiCyclone is designed with no moving parts and no filter media to clean or replace.  The Multicyclone polishes the water improving the water quality and the compact installation means that the equipment area can be kept to a minimum, which is great news if you live on a small suburban block or your pool is located close to your neighbour’s home.

Two key benefits include:

Minimise backwash frequency – installing a MultiCyclone as a pre-filter to a media filter can reduce its backwash frequency down to once per year, resulting in a saving of up to 7,000 litres of water per year for an average domestic sized swimming pool

Minimise cartridge cleaning and replacement – installing a MultiCyclone as a pre-filter to a cartridge filter can reduce filter cartridge cleaning and replacement to once per swimming season and even up to once per year, depending on the size of the cartridge filter

Waterco first introduced this innovative technology in 2007 and it has since won a number of awards and industry accolades. The MultiCyclone Plus takes the patented technology a huge leap forward.

Centrifugal water filtration

The MultiCyclone works on the basis of centrifugal water filtration, which basically means to move or be directed away from the centre. As we said earlier, there are no moving parts to wear and tear, and no filter media to clean or replace.

We’ll try and keep the tech talk to a minimum, so bear with us while we explain how it works:

  1. Incoming water enters the MultiCyclone, generating a strong centrifugal effect
  2. The sediment is spun out towards the wall, and then spirals down to the sediment chamber*
  3. The filtered water migrates towards the centre of the MultiCyclone where the flow reverses and spirals upwards through the outlet
  4. Accumulation of sediment can be visibly monitored through the MultiCyclone’s clear sediment chamber

You can create an environmentally-friendly pool with our EnviroPro range, or visit your local Swimart store to learn more about the MultiCyclone pre-filtration device. You can also call us on 1300 991 104.

*Note: The MultiCyclone is designed to filter sediment that is heavier than water, floating debris cannot be filtered out by centrifugal filtration.

The simple solution to removing stubborn pool stains

Calcium stains on tiles, rust stains on the pool floor, copper stains near the main drain and salt stains on pool steps – our Swimart pool technicians have seen it all! Most pool stains occur when excess organic material and/or metallic compounds combine with imbalanced pool water.

Here are 3 common causes and signs of pool stains:

Calcium – often causes by excessive pH levels, incorrectly installed interiors and constant temperature changes. Signs include:

  • White and flaky scales (calcium carbonate)
  • White / grey hard deposits (calcium silicate)
  • White lumps increasing in size

Rust – typically caused by metal objects like bobby pins, hair ties and bottle tops which have fallen into the pool. Signs include:

  • Brown or copper stain that can’t be wiped or brushed away
  • Forms the shape of object like a bobby pin or bottle top
  • Stain remaining the same size and colour

Algae – caused by an imbalance in the pH of the pool from wind and rain and can multiply rapidly on warm days. Signs include:

  • Green – the most common, often caused by poor filtration and/or sanitisation
  • Yellow – mostly found in shady pool spots, clinging to the walls and other surfaces
  • Black – the hardest type to get rid of, forms unsightly dark spots on pool surfaces

The good news is that, whatever is causing stains to form on and in your pool, we have the perfection solution for you: Aqua-Health 3 in 1 Stain Remover.

Special features include:

  • Removes iron, copper, manganese and rust stains
  • Eliminates organic stains caused by algae, leaves and stubborn mould
  • Can be used either as a spot treatment or comprehensive as pool care solution
  • 1kg of product effectively treats up to 50,000 litres of pool water

Tips when using Aqua-Health 3 in 1 Stain Remover:

  • Avoid applying directly to a vinyl liner or painted surface as damage may result to the pool surface
  • For vinyl liner spot treatment, place product in a sock or panty hose, attach to telescopic pole and suspend over stained area
  • For stains throughout a vinyl liner pool, dissolve in a bucket of water and pour around the perimeter of the pool
  • Be aware that high levels of chlorine will reduce its effectiveness, so reduce the chlorine level to zero before using this product

Waterco’s 3 in 1 Stain Remover is part of the fast-acting Aqua-Health pool care range, which includes Algaecides, Balancers, Clarifiers, Oxidisers, Sunscreens, Spa Chemicals and Trouble Shooters.

Stain identification can be tricky. If you need help diagnosing exactly what is causing stains in your pool, simply pop into your local Swimart store or call us on 1300 991 104.

Discover the low-cost way to enjoy warm water all year

Discover the low-cost way to enjoy warm water all year

Would you like to heat your pool or spa for longer each year but find the cost too high? Heat pumps which warm water using the surrounding air and minimal energy are an economical way to create inviting summer-warm water all year.

At Swimart, we think of our exclusive range of Waterco heat pumps as ‘summer extenders’ as they create warm pool and spa water beyond the warmer months. With the growing demand for energy saving and environmentally friendly products, heat pumps, with their highly energy efficient operation and ozone-friendly parts are experiencing renewed popularity.

Why heat pumps are low cost to run

Heat pumps work like reverse-cycle air conditioners, extracting ambient or latent heat from the surrounding air, intensifying it, then transferring it to the pool water. The entire process only requires energy to operate a compressor and a fan motor, which makes them highly energy efficient.

While heat pumps take longer than gas heaters to warm the pool or spa water, they are more economical to run and effectively maintain the heat. Compared to gas and electric heaters, Swimart’s Waterco Electroheat heat pumps use a fraction of the energy to generate the same amount of heat.

“With a Waterco heat pump, you can save up to 80% over LPG, 50% over natural gas and 500% over electric heaters,” says Swimart Australasian manager Chris Fitzmaurice. “They’re the most economical way to extend your swimming season and can keep your pool or spa comfortable enough to swim in all year round.”

In addition to being economical to run, heat pumps are the perfect solution for pool and spa owners who have limited roof space to accommodate a solar heating system.

Heat pumps operate year round

Swimart’s compact and durable Waterco heat pumps can be run year round: the Electroheat MIV and Electroheat Plus MKIII can operate in temperatures as low as just above 0 degrees Celsius while the Electroheat Ultra, with its de-icing function, can operate in temperatures below freezing point. And unlike solar heating systems, heat pumps don’t require sunlight or even warm weather.

“The best thing about heat pump pool heaters is that they operate regardless of the weather,” says Chris.

There’s a Waterco heat pump to suit your pool and spa size and needs

Swimart’s exclusive range of Waterco Electroheat heat pumps effectively and economically extend your use of your swimming pool and spa.

Their current selection of compact and reliable heat pumps suit a variety of pool sizes and needs from 2kW to 200kW output, including the compact  Electroheat MIV which has heating capacities between 12 and 23kW, and the Electroheat Plus MKIII and Electroheat Ultra which are available in 23 to 44k heating capacities.

The Electroheat Ultra’s extra-large evaporator enables it to extract more heat from the surrounding air while its automatic hot gas de-icing function, which melts ice that’s formed on its evaporator, enables it to heat pool water even when the surrounding air temperature is below freezing point at 0 degrees Celsius.

All Waterco Electroheat heat pumps are quiet to run, easy to use and maintain and long lasting as they’re designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions and corrosive effects of salt and pool chemicals.

The benefits of heat pumps

  • Low cost and effective
  • Operate year round
  • Highly energy efficient and reliable
  • Easy to use and low maintenance
  • Compact, durable and long lasting
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Don’t require gas connection or supply

Visit your local Swimart store to discover which Waterco Electroheat heat pump best suits your pool or spa.

Here’s how to pep up your pool after a long hot summer or prolonged periods of rain.

Sunscreen, night swims, kids on school holidays and a long, hot summer punctuated by periods of solid rain – Australia’s swimming pools have seen it all over the past few months! If your pool is looking a little lackluster and in need of some TLC, then these handy tips will get it back to its sparkling best. Summer might nearly be over but that doesn’t mean the pool parties have to end!

Heat and humidity

Heat, humidity and long hours of sunshine provide the perfect environment for algae to grow, which quickly affects the quality – and temperature – of your pool water.

“The best defence against algae is definitely chlorine,” says Swimart’s Australasian manager Chris Fitzmaurice. “With ongoing hot weather, pools don’t get the chance to cool down overnight, so the chlorine demand remains high.”

Phosphates, which are the main source of food for algae, also affect pool water quality.

“Water balance is key to a healthy pool and for chlorine to work effectively,” says Chris. “If the pH is too high, chlorine becomes less effective and the water quickly becomes become dull and cloudy. This can be easily addressed by adding acid to the pool water.

“However, if the pH is too low, the water will start to hurt your eyes and skin and make you feel itchy,” he adds. “It can also etch away the surface of the pool and cause scaling on the exterior of your pool and salt chlorinator. However, this can be fixed by adding ‘buffer’ or alkali.”

Rain and storms

Heavy downpours or prolonged periods of rain water won’t necessarily harm your pool – unless we’re talking about a severe weather system like flash flooding or a cyclone – but the extra volume of water will dilute chemical levels due to its naturally acidic nature.

“This can leave you with a pool full of cloudy or even green water,” says Chris. “Flooding or heavy rainfall can also permanently damage filtration equipment, especially pumps and heaters, so it is a good idea to get those checked before switching them back on.”

If rain and wind is wreaking havoc on your pool, we recommend cleaning debris out of the water to prevent staining the interior. You’ll need to drain some water if the water level is above the skimmer, which you can do by backwashing the sand filter or opening the drain to let the water out. Next, shock or super chlorinate the water and balance the pH, then run the filter until the water is nice and clear again. 

We also have this simple pool care checklist, which can be your go-to year-round:

  1. Check your pool’s chlorine and pH level every two days, especially after a period of heavy usage and after a particularly hot day or period of solid rain
  2. Clean out your skimmer basket and hair and lint pot in your filtration pump weekly
  3. Re-balance pool water by taking a sample from elbow depth away from the pool returns and take it to your local Swimart pool store to be professionally tested
  4. Use a quality algaecide like Aqua-Health Concide to keep algae at bay
  5. Operate the filtration system 6-8 hours a day
  6. Regularly check sanitiser levels, ideally on a daily basis
  7. Check Total Alkalinity (TA) weekly with a Swimart test kit or by taking a sample to your local Swimart store
  8. Thoroughly backwash your sand or DE filter, or remove and clean the cartridge from your cartridge filter with a hose, depending on pool use
  9. Maintain the water level at least half way up to the skimmer box opening
  10. Regularly brush or vacuum pool walls and floor

If your pool is in need of a professional clean, or you suspect the equipment isn’t working as it should, then give Swimart a call on 1300 991 104. One of our professional pool technicians will help you troubleshoot the problem and recommend the best solution.