Swimkleen NAV Pool Cleaner

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Swimkleen NAV Pool Cleaner  




A key feature of the Swimkleen-NAV is the new patented V-Flex® turbine design, which has self-adjusting variable vanes to enable easy passage of larger dirt and debris while virtually eliminating blockages.

The versatile design also ensures maximum suction power – even at low flow. And that’s what makes it an ideal cleaner to use with variable speed pumps. The V-Flex® technology combined with the patented SmartDrive® Steering System also delivers energy savings.

The adaptive SmartDrive® system has been created to enable great maneuverability, speed and efficiency, providing thorough, reliable coverage of the pool floor, walls and coves. The programmed steering determines the most efficient cleaning path around any pool for complete coverage.

“The Swimkleen-NAV provides thorough pool coverage with improved maneuverability that virtually eliminates hose tangling.”

The Swimkleen-NAV also boasts silent operation, with no pulsating hoses or noisy components. Ease of use and maintenance are also vital. The Swimkleen-NAV connects to a skimmer or suction port in less than 10 minutes – and fewer moving parts ensure it’s easy to service and maintain.

Designed for pools up to 6m x 12m or pools with deep ends, the Swimkleen NAV is ideal for concrete, vinyl, fibreglass, pebble and tile surfaces.