Daisy Pool Cover

Available in store only

Features of UltraDomeTM

Consistent thickness of every bubble with 2/3 of total polyethylene (PE) in the lower layer which is in contact with the corrosive chemicals for greater durability

Unique process eliminates stretching and therefore any weak points that can make it more susceptible to physical damage

Our material contains tougheners to minimise solar and chemical degradation for a longer lasting pool cove

Maximum UV absorbers, quenchers and stabilisers; coupled with an innovative design across the entire cover for maximum insulation effectiveness to keep the water longer extending swimming months

Highly efficient insulators against heat loss by radiation and convection

All Daisy pool covers are available in a range of thicknesses and use category 4 LDPE (low-density PE) which means they are all recyclable.



Download the UltraDomeTM Fact Sheet for further information.

Expert Tip: Our pool cover material is measured in micron thickness. The thicker the micron, the longer lasting your pool cover and Daisy pro-rata warranty will be.


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