Trident PRO Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Trident PRO

The smartest way to clean your pool

A smartphone app that helps clean your swimming pool? Yes, you heard right! With this easy-to-use technology, you can remotely control your Trident PRO Robotic Pool Cleaner – activate cleaning programs and the weekly timer, navigate manually, and much more.

Special features of the Trident PRO Robotic Pool Cleaner app include:

  • Identifies the nearest robot and automatically initiates pairing
  • Easily installed and operated on most common mobile devices and operating systems
  • Communicates remotely with the power supply via Bluetooth
  • Dashboard screen shows of all your robot’s operational stats
  • Allows you to manually maneuver your Trident to clean hard-to-reach spots like corners and bench seats via the app
  • Set personalised cleaning schedules so the pool is always sparkling clean and ready to use when you want it

Maximise your pool enjoyment with Trident PRO’s remote-controlled setup and cleaning programs which deliver maximum cleanliness and hygiene, for pools up to 15m in length. Quietly and efficiently clean floor, walls, and waterline, without effort or interruption.

Top opening compartments make it easy to empty and clean, while its dual cartridge filtration system captures even the finest dirt and debris. An optional, coarse net material is also available if heavy and larger debris collection is required.

Special features of the Trident PRO Robotic Pool Cleaner include:

  • Designed for pools up to 15m in length, with 18m power cable length
  • Reduces the use of electricity, water and chemicals
  • Programmable 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 cycle times
  • Two independent drive motors improve coverage and maneuverability on the pool floor and walls
  • Smart phone app remote-controlled cleaning programs, delay start and manual mode
  • Patented swivel prevents cable twisting and tangling during operation
  • Unique triple action brushing action that scrubs away algae and bacteria
  • Efficient dirt and debris collection on every surface of the pool
  • A dual cartridge filtration system results in maximum capacity
  • Top opening filtration compartments allow for easy emptying and cleaning
  • Quick water release that also prevents dirt escaping back into the pool
  • Software controlled and guided so it can achieve maximum pool coverage
  • Sophisticated algorithms help it maneuver around tricky areas
  • Product weight 11kg
  • Includes cleaner storage caddy

Full 3-year warranty