Trident HYDRO Robotic Pool Cleaner

Available in store only

The new Trident Hydro robotic pool cleaner features a range of intelligent features that are not only designed to do all of the work but also do it quickly and efficiently. It is the newest addition to the Trident range of pool cleaners, which include the Trident, Trident ECO and Trident PRO.
“The Trident Hydro delivers superior cleaning efficiency and an enhanced user experience not seen before in the pool industry.” The key points of difference with the Trident Hydro are that it is designed completely with the usability of the pool owner in mind, which ensures constant grip on all types of vertical surfaces, for efficient cleaning along walls and waterline and enhanced navigation control.
Advanced scanning software ensure floor and walls are fully covered using the most efficient route, with the Trident Hydro automatically navigating around obstacles before quickly returning to its cleaning pattern. The Trident Hydro also features an extra capacity filter that simultaneously separates and filters rough, fine and ultra-fine dirt, for highly efficient, clog-free filtration.




Trident HYDRO Robotic Pool Cleaner (326386)