Aqua~Health Ultra Shock

Available in store only

Our Aqua-Health Ultra Shock is an alternative non-chlorine treatment to superchlorination that effectively oxidises the organic content of pool water quickly and easily. 




Core benefits include:

  • Compatible with Chlorinated, Brominated and Ozonated pool
  • Contains NO chlorine – no unpleasant odours
  • Like chlorine, destroys organic compounds – makes water sparkle
  • Compatible with all chlorinated (including salt), brominated or ozonated sanitising systems
  • Dissolves easily in water – no pre-mixing is required
  • Suitable in any pool water conditions
  • Preferred for “superchlorination” in salt water pools as it doesn’t affect chlorinator electrodes
  • No pool shutdown required – dose and swim 1 hour later
  • Pre-measured jars are simple to use
  • Suitable also for vinyl pools 

    Available Pack sizes are:

  • 500g 
  • 1kg