Aqua~Health Ezichlor for Pools

Available in store only

Ezi-Chlor is blended chlorine, containing a high concentration of trichlor and sodium tetraborate.
The blend of the high concentration of trichlor and a water enhancer (sodium tetraborate) makes this the perfect product for multiple uses.
It can be used as a standard chlorine for sanitising the swimming pool water or used as a great addition to your algae treatment (for treating green or black algae).The regular addition of the Sodium tetraborate enhances the water quality giving it a soft silky feeling.

Features and Benefits

  • A blend of stabilised granular chlorine and a water enhancer.
  • Ezi-Chlor has a high level of available chlorine
  • No residues
  • The regular addition of the sodium tetra borate enhances water quality, giving it a soft silky feel.
  • UV protected – ¬†built in stabiliser

20 g per 10,000 litres per day, via the skimmer box with pump running

Available Pack sizes
1kg, 2kg, 4kg and 10kg