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Heat Pump Promotion 2022

Receive up to $500 in Swimart Vouchers when purchasing selected heat pumps.

Depending on the type of heat pump you choose, here are just a few benefits:

Extend the Swimming Season

Energy Efficient


Electroheat MKV pool heat pump

Greater interest in environmentally friendly and cost effective pool heating has seen an increase in the use of heat pumps around Australia to heat pools. Electroheat MKV pool heat pumps feature compact design and horizontal venting ideal for heating  plunge pools, swim spas, spas and swimming pools as a solar replacement/season extender.

It has been built with ozone friendly R410A refrigerant, described as the refrigerant of the future, which has dual benefits. Not only is it kinder to the environment, but it also improves the heat pump’s performance.

Key features of the Electroheat MKV

  • High density dual coil titanium heat exchanger
  • R410A refrigerant gas
  • Temperature management and self diagnosis
  • Compact dimensions of 117cm (W) x 32cm (L) x 69cm (H)
  • Scroll compressor
  • Weather proof cabinet

Electroheat ECO-V inverter pool heat pump


A swimming pool is a major financial investment. Getting the most out of your pool, means keeping the pool at a swimmable temperature for the maximum number of hours each day and maximum number of days each year. A heat pump can economically keep your pool warm.

Heat pumps only require energy to operate a compressor and a fan motor, using low amperage in the process. For every 1kW of electricity consumed, Waterco ECO – V inverter heat pumps can produce up to 7kW of heat. Save up to 80% over propane gas, 50% over natural gas and 500% over electric heaters.

Compared to gas and electric heaters, Electroheat ECO-V inverter pool heat pumps use a fraction of the energy to generate the same amount of heat and unlike solar heating; there is no reliance on the sun as the latent heat in the air is used.


Electroheat ECO-V inverter pool heat pumps utilise a variable speed compressor to regulate the pool water temperature automatically and independently.

  • Inverter technology uses a variable speed compressor motor similar to a car engine.
  • It slows down and speeds up as needed to hold a selected set temperature
  • The desired set temperature will be reached more quickly and maintained more efficiently.
  • Inverter technology provides a more precise water temperature without the fluctuations and power.
  • Wastage of fixed speed systems.
  • Inverter technology is significantly more energy efficient with energy savings of between 15 – 30%.
  • Over fixed speed systems.
  • The speed control of the compressor and fan motor also means quieter operation.

Automatic Evaporator De-icing

Electroheat ECO-V inverter pool heat pumps feature automatic de-icing for situations where frost or ice may develop on the evaporator as part of normal operation. Common in cooler climates or winter months, when a build-up of ice is detected the heat pump shifts temporarily into cooling mode to reverse the flow of refrigerant through the evaporator coils. Hot refrigerant moves through the outside coils, melting ice and defrosting the system. When the defrost cycle is complete, the unit shifts back to heating mode.

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Terms & Conditions: Offer valid 8th April – 29th May 2022 at participating Swimart Stores & Mobiles. Product availability may vary and is while stocks last. The consumer offer is exclusive to the purchase of the listed Waterco Electroheat ECO-V Inverter, Electroheat MKV or Pentair (QLD only) pool heat pumps.

The purchase of a promotional heat pump allows the Swimart customer a voucher of up to $500, which is dependent on the size of heat pump purchased. The vouchers will be in lots of $50 and are redeemable one at a time on the purchase of chemicals (excluding chlorine & salt). Redeemable only at the Swimart of purchase. This offer to the consumer is not available with any other offer nor are the vouchers redeemable for cash.Delivery and installation charges may apply.

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