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Thanks to an extended warranty period between Swimart and Waterco, now is the perfect time to upgrade your outdated, energy guzzling pool and spa equipment.

Available to Australia and New Zealand customers who purchase products* through Swimart stores and mobile franchises, this exclusive promotion offers an extra year of warranty on Waterco’s world-class pool pumps, chlorinators, filters, heat pumps, pool lights and intelligent controllers. http://swimart.com.au/shop/

Swimart’s extended warranty period provides extra peace of mind while enabling you to take advantage of a range of premium products designed to reduce the time and effort required to maintain your swimming pool or spa.

Waterco’s world-renowned pool and spa solutions

Waterco’s pool and spa products, which are well-known for their durable construction, energy efficiency and user-friendly functionality, can be found in over 40 countries. They’re not only engineered to last but also help pool and spa owners maintain crystal clear, healthy water with minimal time and effort.

For example, the usual warranty period for Waterco’s ElectroChlor Salt Chlorinator[Insert hyperlink to product page.] is two years, however this has been extended to three years for lucky Swimart customers. With an analogue timer that is easy to program, ElectroChlor automatically maintains sanitation levels to prevent the growth of common algae. Pool water is not only left clean and healthy but also feels nicer on the skin than standard chlorinated water.

If you really want to reduce the time you spend on maintaining pool water clarity, check out theChemflo Acid Feeder.[Insert hyperlink to product page.] It precisely measures and controls pH levels (acid) through feedback from special sensors, keeping your pool water’s pH perfectly balanced. This is guaranteed to save you money as it prevents the need for excessive and unnecessary chemicals being added to your pool.

Thanks to the extra warranty on Waterco’s Britestream LED pool lights, [Insert hyperlink to product page.] you can also upgrade to a system that operates on only 15 watts of energy – that’s roughly 15 per cent of the old-fashioned pool halogen light.

Unlike halogens which use 4.25 lumens (white LEDs) per watt, Britestream delivers up to 352 lumens per light. Long life, no lenses to replace and multi-coloured options are just some of the reasons pool owners are making the switch to Britestream.

Summer is well and truly here so next week we’ll share Swimart’s top pool and spa care tips that reduce maintenance time and increase leisure time.

*Available on selected Waterco products.

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