Zeolite is a natural material formed more than 300 million years ago as a result of volcanic activity in large freshwater lakes. Exceptionally hard and durable, it’s a great material for filtration. In fact, natural zeolites were used by the Romans to filter their drinking water.

These days natural and synthetic zeolites are used across a wide range of industries: from petroleum refining to detergent manufacture.

A specific zeolite used in swimming pool filtration is called clinoptilolite. It works to dramatically reduce pool odour and eye and skin irritation. Zeolite, as a filtration medium, works as well as sand in most swimming pool filters.

There are many pros and cons regarding replacing part of your existing filter with zeolite. It gets complex when calculating quantities required and the amount of backwashing needed.

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TIP: Zeolite is a great filtration material. When used correctly it minimises backwashing and chemical usage.