It is a relatively unstable, highly toxic gas that decomposes to re-form oxygen. A powerful oxidizing and disinfecting agent for water, you can't taste or smell it and it doesn't sting your eyes, but once it hits the water it starts killing bacteria and oxidizing organic waste.

Used for many years in the US and Europe, ozone is the standard purifier in water bottling plants and pools approved by the Olympic Federation.

It’s highly toxic, however. Therefore, all traces of ozone must be consumed or removed prior to it reaching the pool, so small amounts of residual sanitiser like chlorine or bromine must be used to provide continuous protection in the pool. Due to its instability it remains in water for a short time and has no effect on pH or water balance. It can also reduce the need for shock dosing.

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TIP: Ozone is a powerful oxidizing and disinfecting agent for pool water.