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Spa Maintenance

Getting the most out of your spa Essential information to keep it clean and healthy   Did you know the concept of spas and hot tubs stems back to Macedonian king Alexander the Great? After his campaigns, he and his troops would soak in hot water to revive them and heal their ailments. Then in […]
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Safety First

Healthy pools, healthy bodies Safety first this summer Keeping your pool fences secure and gates latched is obviously crucial in ensuring the safety of your pool when it comes to young children. But ensuring the health and balance of your pool water is also an important element of pool safety so you and your family […]
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How do I safely handle and store pool chemicals?

Q. How do I safely handle and store pool chemicals? A. Chemicals are potentially dangerous and may present some hazards if not used properly. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the use and storage of chemicals and follow these tips: Never allow pool chemicals to mix with each other or household chemicals. Use a clean […]
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How do I safely handle pool chemicals?

TIP: Wash your hands after handling pool chemicals. Don’t ever mix your pool chemicals.
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