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Prevention is better than cure

You’ve no doubt heard the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ and, if you own a swimming pool, this simple advice will not only make your life a lot easier but will also save you money. That’s because regularly using preventative – as opposed to curative – products makes it easy to maintain pristine, sparkling, […]
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Swimart’s Top 10 hot weather pool care tips

The warmer weather might make for a more enjoyable swim, but heat, humidity and long hours of sunshine can help algae grow, which compromises your pool water’s quality and look. “The best defence against algae is chlorine,” says Swimart’s Australasian manager Chris Fitzmaurice. “With ongoing hot weather, pools don’t get the chance to cool down […]
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Keep Watch with Swimart’s key safety summer tips

As the kids start their summer school holidays, now’s the time to talk to them about how to keep safe in and around your swimming pool. “Water is only safe when you’re watching,” says Royal Life Saving Society – NSW CEO Michael Ilinsky. “Distractions like answering the phone, attending to another child, or ducking inside […]
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Turn your pool deck into a mini Wet‘n’Wild

Get more from your pool this summer with Swimart’s range of S.R.Smith pool slides, diving boards and pool games! Slip and slide Manufactured from high-quality corrosion-resistant material, S.R.Smith slides are engineered to deliver serious fun, season after season! Ranging in size from the Cyclone at just over 4’, to the towering Vortex® that tops out […]
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