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How to heatwave and blackout proof your pool all summer

Have you been finding it harder to keep your pool water sparkling clean this summer? The good news is you’re not alone. With the prolonged hot weather and power outages, many pool owners across the country are struggling to keep their water clear and more importantly, healthy. How hot sunny weather affects pool water quality The sun’s ultraviolet or UV rays deplete your pool’s chlorine. The resulting low level of chlorine combined with warm water create the perfect breeding ground for algae, harmful bacteria and other disease-causing organisms. While you can’t see microscopic-size algae and bacteria, your pool turns a tell-tale green or becomes cloudy. The parts of your pool […]
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Swim year-round in beautiful warm water

Summer is here, the kids will soon be on school holidays (if they aren’t already), and many of us are enjoying a more relaxed pace at work – even if only for a few days. For pool owners, this time of the year means spending hours in the water without having to think about deadlines and schedules. If only this warm and fuzzy summer feeling could last year-round. While we can’t help you with school or work, we can definitely extend your swimming season so that the perfect pool temperature you love diving into remains consistent regardless of the season. How? With a pool pump that takes the ambient heat […]
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Swimart’s top 10 summer pool care tips

Torrential rain, gale force winds, firestorms and drought-related heat spells – Australians experienced it all this spring. And with the Bureau of Meteorology predicting warmer than average days and El Niño conditions likely through the summer months[1], extra care is vital to keep our swimming pools clean and healthy. That’s because the weather has a major effect on water chemistry, often providing the perfect breeding ground for algae to grow. “Hot weather causes evaporation, which in turn leads to water imbalance and chemical loss; storms blow in debris and contaminants which lead to algal growth; and heavy rain dilutes pool chemicals causing water imbalance,” says Swimart’s pool and spa expert […]
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Swimart’s list of pool-friendly plants will ensure your garden is lush with minimal maintenance.

Choosing the right species for your pool deck can save a lot of time, money and effort. Create lush landscaping with these pool-friendly plants. Creating lush landscaping around your swimming pool provides welcome shade, privacy and protection from wind, and also a splash of colour in a sea of blue and green. And while many of us have our favourite go-to species, they may not be the best choices for growing near the pool. That’s because plants must be able to withstand exposure to salt or chlorine from pool splash and tolerate the high winds and harsh glare typically associated with exposed pool decks. Also, increased humidity levels and intense […]
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