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Enhance your swim and spa experience

Many of us retreat to our pool and spa to relax and recharge and the feel and smell of the water plays a big part in the quality of this experience. Swimart offers a choice of three easy-to-use and economical to run sanitisers as well as high-purity mineral salts that create water that feels softer and silkier, is kinder to eyes and skin, and is virtually odour free. For in-ground pools and all spas The Zodiac Nature2 Sanitiser Swimart’s Nature2 not only sanitises pool and spa water but also creates inviting crystal clear, silky smooth water with less chemicals. The compact sanitiser works by using mineral technology, which automatically releases […]
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4 head-turning benefits of variable speed pool pumps

Variable speed pool pumps are the quiet achievers of pool pumps, often passed over for conventional pumps. Which is surprising as these pumps effectively perform all the jobs of conventional pumps but are exceptionally energy efficient, which means reduced electricity bills, and ultra-quiet to run. The latter meaning you can operate them overnight to take advantage of the lower rates and keep your neighbours happy. 1. They use less energy Variable speed pool pumps have three speeds – Low, Medium and High – and therefore the option to run on low speed to significantly reduce your power bills and operating noise. Unlike conventional pool pumps which are limited to one […]
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Saves thousands of litres of water per year with Swimart’s MultiCyclone pre-filtration device.

Like most pool owners around the country, Swimart is constantly looking for ways to save time, water and energy when it comes to selecting the right pool equipment. Fortunately, Australia’s Waterco has made it easy by developing an entire range of eco-friendly products for every pool owner. The EnviroPro range includes pumps, filters, filter media, solar panels and pool lighting, giving you numerous options and ways to reduce the environmental impact of your pool. We’re going to shine the light on one particular product, which not only saves thousands of litres of water per year but also requires less maintenance. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?! The MultiCyclone pre-filtration […]
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The simple solution to removing stubborn pool stains

Calcium stains on tiles, rust stains on the pool floor, copper stains near the main drain and salt stains on pool steps – our Swimart pool technicians have seen it all! Most pool stains occur when excess organic material and/or metallic compounds combine with imbalanced pool water. Here are 3 common causes and signs of pool stains: Calcium – often causes by excessive pH levels, incorrectly installed interiors and constant temperature changes. Signs include: White and flaky scales (calcium carbonate) White / grey hard deposits (calcium silicate) White lumps increasing in size Rust – typically caused by metal objects like bobby pins, hair ties and bottle tops which have fallen […]
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