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Discover the low-cost way to enjoy warm water all year

Discover the low-cost way to enjoy warm water all year Would you like to heat your pool or spa for longer each year but find the cost too high? Heat pumps which warm water using the surrounding air and minimal energy are an economical way to create inviting summer-warm water all year. At Swimart, we think of our exclusive range of Waterco heat pumps as ‘summer extenders’ as they create warm pool and spa water beyond the warmer months. With the growing demand for energy saving and environmentally friendly products, heat pumps, with their highly energy efficient operation and ozone-friendly parts are experiencing renewed popularity. Why heat pumps are low […]
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Here’s how to pep up your pool after a long hot summer or prolonged periods of rain.

Sunscreen, night swims, kids on school holidays and a long, hot summer punctuated by periods of solid rain – Australia’s swimming pools have seen it all over the past few months! If your pool is looking a little lackluster and in need of some TLC, then these handy tips will get it back to its sparkling best. Summer might nearly be over but that doesn’t mean the pool parties have to end! Heat and humidity Heat, humidity and long hours of sunshine provide the perfect environment for algae to grow, which quickly affects the quality – and temperature – of your pool water. “The best defence against algae is definitely […]
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Get, set and go with Swimart’s pool and spa automation

Get, set and go with Swimart’s pool and spa automation   Sometimes, it’s not until we get to work or are on holiday that we remember the pool needs a vacuum, a dose of chemicals or, worse, the spa heater has been left on. With pool and spa automation you will no longer experience these moments.  Our smart controllers make caring for your pool and spa easy and convenient as they enable you to program and control the filtration system, chemical balance, heating, lights, and even water features at the touch of a button or screen icon remotely from any web-connected device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. In […]
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Why the Swimkleen ATV is one of our most popular pool cleaners

One of the most technically advanced models of its type, the Swimkleen ATV is the ‘smart’ car of pool cleaners boasting a compact and robust design and unique clever features that ensures reliable, effective and energy-efficient suction and debris collection and exceptional manoeuvrability that enables it to get in and out of tight, difficult-to-access spots with ease. Let’s take a look ‘under the hood’ to discover more about Swimart’s most popular selling automatic pool cleaners. A unique patented steering system that gives superb maneuverability: The left wheel is set to reverse at intervals, turning the cleaner in different directions so it doesn’t get stuck in corners or tight spots and […]
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