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Save water this Summer

Pool owners are increasingly investing in technologies that reduce water consumption, not only in a bid to save money but to also increase the efficiency and lifespan of their investment. Products that promote sustainability make good financial sense and ensure we can enjoy life’s luxuries without harming the environment. You don’t have to live in a drought-prone area to appreciate the benefits of conserving water. When it comes to conserving water in the pool, cartridge filters typically require less water and energy to operate than sand or DE filters. For example, Waterco’s Opal Cartridge Filter is designed to house an extra-large filter cartridge, maximising dirt holding capacity and minimising filter […]
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Outdoor kitchen trends

Outdoor kitchens have become one of the hottest design trends in home improvement over the past few years. Inspired by the integration of indoor living and al fresco entertaining, pool owners especially are investing in all-weather systems to spend more time entertaining outdoors with their guests instead of getting stuck in a hot kitchen. In turn, kitchen manufacturers have responded to the increasing demand for materials that are durable enough to withstand the elements, and with features that mimic the functionality of indoor cooking appliances. From pre-fabricated grills to fully customised cooktops, this new breed of outdoor kitchen is transforming the way we entertain at home and around the pool […]
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Swimart’s eco-friendly pool and spa products

Owning a pool or spa brings countless hours of joy, and thanks to innovative companies like Waterco, that no longer means spending a fortune on running costs or damaging the environment with energy-guzzling products. Whether it’s replacing inefficient halogen pool lights with Britestream LEDs, installing a Zane Solar Gulfpanel or switching to a MultiCyclone pre-filter, there are plenty of ways to transform your pool into a sustainable water feature – and considerably improve its lifespan in the process.   Why it makes sense to cover up One of the first things you can do to improve your pool’s efficiency, is to install a pool cover. It not only maintains water […]
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Products of the month: Starver®X and Starver®M

Caused by organic matter like leaves, plants and grass clippings, as well as rain, fertiliser and even swimmers, phosphate is one of the biggest causes of algae blooms in your swimming pool. It’s persistent and does not break down naturally, which is why Swimart’s products of the month –  Starver®X and Starver®M – are so important. We’ve put together some commonly asked questions about these fantastic products that will explain how they help keep pool water clean and hygienic.   What is the difference between Starver®X and Starver®M? Starver®X is a curative product, which means you only use it for high phosphate levels 2ppm or above. Starver®M on the other […]
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