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Swimart’s range of Trident Robotic Pool Cleaner

11 November 2018 Soodi Sangari

Swimart’s range of Trident Robotic Pool Cleaner

The swimming season has well and truly started in many parts of Australia, and that means our pools need ongoing TLC to ensure they stay clean and hygienic over spring and summer. Sparkling pool water not only looks inviting to swim in but also prevents swimmers from walking away with itchy skin or red eyes.

An automatic pool cleaner is a worthwhile investment if you want to keep manual pool maintenance to a minimum. They reduce the amount of debris that enters your filtration system, which means your filter doesn’t have to work as long or as hard and the water requires less chemicals.

So, if you’re looking for something that’s lightweight, reliable, efficient and economical, then you really can’t go past Swimart’s all-terrain Trident Robotic Pool Cleaners.

Easy peasy pool cleaning

Trident cleaners operate independently of the pool filtration system and they use intelligent programs and advanced software to cover the whole pool area effectively. Their special sensors detect when they’re on the pool wall or floor, ensuring every nook and cranny is cleaned. They also demand less electricity than filtration pumps and motors for suction cleaners, and reduce filtration needs in general.

Once a Trident Robotic Pool Cleaner is placed in the water, you’ll see it quietly moving around cleaning the floor, walls, and waterline. Unlike some cleaners that stop in their tracks or move around in circles when they hit an obstacle, a Trident simply reverses out and moves on. How clever is that?!   .

Get Set for Summer – and save money – on Swimart’s range of Trident Robotic Pool Cleaners

Swimart currently has some high performers at great prices and with extra warranty during our Get Set for Summer promotion, which ends November 25.

For pools up to 8m in length: Consider the lightweight, compact and super economical Trident ECO (now $995) which cleans any type of pool in just one and a half hours using minimal water and electricity.

For pools up to 10m: The lightweight Trident HYDRO (now $1699 plus $100 Swimart voucher) has advanced scanning software that calculates the most efficient route to ensure pool floor and walls are fully covered – and obstacles dodged – to achieve a thorough clean in just two hours.

For pools up to 15m: The Trident PRO (now $2699 with extra warranty) also has advanced scanning software plus triple-action brushes, two drive motors for exceptional coverage and manoeuvrability, filter bag indicator, and remote controlled set up so you can choose the cleaning program, start time and duration.

Swimart’s Get Set for Summer catalogue promotional period ends 25th November 2018. Visit or call your local Swimart for more details on the promotional offers available.