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Enhance your swim and spa experience

05 May 2018 nathanhallahan

Many of us retreat to our pool and spa to relax and recharge and the feel and smell of the water plays a big part in the quality of this experience.

Swimart offers a choice of three easy-to-use and economical to run sanitisers as well as high-purity mineral salts that create water that feels softer and silkier, is kinder to eyes and skin, and is virtually odour free.

For in-ground pools and all spas

The Zodiac Nature2 Sanitiser

Swimart’s Nature2 not only sanitises pool and spa water but also creates inviting crystal clear, silky smooth water with less chemicals.

The compact sanitiser works by using mineral technology, which automatically releases silver and copper ions into the water to kill harmful bacteria. While it works with chlorine, the sanitiser requires only a small amount of this chemical, which means the water is kinder to eyes and skin.

In addition to effectively creating clean, healthy water, Nature2 is both easy to install and low cost to run as it’s powered by the flow of water running through the pipe instead of electricity.

The complete Nature2 Sanitiser pack is all you need to enjoy this low-chlorine water treatment and includes an Express Vessel Sanitiser, Test Strips, Spa Stick and Express Cartridge (which requires replacing every six months).

The Zodiac Clearwater DUO Minerals and Saltwater Chlorinator

Regardless of whether you already use regular pool salt or liquid or granular chlorine, this new generation ‘combination’ chlorinator gives you the option of sanitising your pool with regular pool salt or mineral blended salts.

When you choose ‘Mineral’ for mineral blended salts in the start-up menu, the magnesium released into the water makes it feel softer and silkier and less irritating to eyes and skin. And, thanks to its natural clarifying properties, the magnesium helps pool and spa water stay clear and sparkling, which in turn reduces the need to add chemicals.

When you choose ‘Standard’ salt in the start-up menu, Swimart’s Clearwater DUO Minerals and Saltwater Chlorinator uses electrolysis to sanitise the water, a process that converts the chloride in the salt water into chlorine, which kills harmful bacteria and algae.

The Clearwater DUO is low maintenance due to its self-cleaning reversing electrode, and economical to run as the amount of salt required for the chlorinator to work is just six to eight 25kg-bags a year for an average size pool. This ratio of salt to water is about the same salt strength as a tear drop, making it kinder to swimmers’ eyes.

For spas and above-ground pools


As an easy-to-use sanitising system that creates crystal-clear chlorine-free and odourless water that is endorsed by the National Asthma Council Australia as the recommended product for asthma and eczema sufferers, it’s not surprising Poppits – ‘pop it in’ – are incredibly popular with many spa and above-ground pool owners.

Poppits works by increasing the oxygen in pool and spa water, which stops harmful bacteria getting a hold and growing. This same process is used worldwide to treat drinking water, which uses hydrogen peroxide to produce oxygen and water. Like treated drinking water, your spa and pool water are odourless, tasteless and free from harmful bacteria that can make you sick.

Swimart’s Poppits Sanosil Swim Spa Start Up Pack has all the products required to run and maintain clear and heathy water including:

  • A Pool & Spa Sanitiser that kills harmful bacteria
  • A Spa Complete Maintenance and Clarifier that enhances the efficiency of the sanitiser by reducing phosphate to clarify the water (especially suitable after heavy use)
  • A One Step Water Prep that maintains water balance and restores clarity by setting the preferred pH and alkalinity and ridding the water of organic matter such as hair, body oils, sunblock lotion, with a single dose (water stays balanced for three to four months, and remains fresh until the spa needs to be drained and refilled)
  • A Filter Cartridge Cleaner, which is a chlorine-free solution that effectively removes build-up of dirt
  • 50 Test Strips (50) to test peroxide, alkalinity and pH
  • A handy bucket

For all spas and pools

Aqua-Health Mineral Crystals

Mineral crystals instantly transform any pool and spa into a natural therapeutic oasis.

Fast dissolving and suitable for any type of pool and spa, Swimart’s Aqua-Health Mineral Crystals contain high purity magnesium, a naturally occurring mineral in the body, and work long side your pool’s existing water balancing chemicals.

Bathing in magnesium-enriched water has been popular for hundreds of years due to its therapeutic benefits including reducing muscle aches and pains, softening and hydrating skin, and relieving dry, itchy skin and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis (often exacerbated by chlorine).

Once dissolved in pool water, the mineral crystals have little to no taste and actually improve water clarity due to their natural ability to ‘collect’ and filter out fine particles of dust and dirt. This in turn reduces the need for additional chemicals like clarifiers and algaecides, saving you money on running costs.

In fact, just one 20kg bag of fast dissolving Aqua-Health Mineral Crystals is all you need to enhance your swim and spa experience.

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