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Get, set and go with Swimart’s pool and spa automation

01 January 2018 nathanhallahan

Get, set and go with Swimart’s pool and spa automation


Sometimes, it’s not until we get to work or are on holiday that we remember the pool needs a vacuum, a dose of chemicals or, worse, the spa heater has been left on.

With pool and spa automation you will no longer experience these moments.  Our smart controllers make caring for your pool and spa easy and convenient as they enable you to program and control the filtration system, chemical balance, heating, lights, and even water features at the touch of a button or screen icon remotely from any web-connected device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

In addition to giving you the convenience of managing your pool and spa from anywhere at any time, pool and spa controllers as well as automatic chlorinators and robotic cleaners can also save you time and money, as a regularly cleaned pool is less likely to suffer staining and surface algae growth, the filter, heater and lights are only activated as needed, and the correct amount of water treatments are added at the right time reducing the need to purchase additional chemicals to correct imbalances caused by missed or late treatments.

At Swimart, we draw on our 30 plus years’ experience to source the latest products that are high performing, energy-efficient and work hard to keep your pool and spa clean and healthy with minimal effort and time. So grab a cool drink, a shaded pool-side spot and discover our latest pool and spa automation products.

Compact controller

The AquaLink TRi Pool and Spa Controller is the ultimate automation device, enabling you to control the pump, chemical feeder, chlorinator, cleaner, spa and heating equipment, and lights at the touch of a button on a handy controller or icon on a web-connected device such as a smartphone or tablet anytime from anywhere.

Affordable, compact, easy to install and easy-to-use, the controller enables you to set programs or schedules that suit your pool and spa and lifestyle needs from a control hub on your pool pad or while out and about via the handy iAquaLink app.

Automatic chlorination systems

The easy-to-program HydroChlor Salt Chlorinator automatically maintains a consistent amount of sanitiser in your pool water, helping maintain optimal pH levels and therefore healthy, clear water. The HydroChlor also features an energy-saving winter mode, a super chlorination function, and battery backup.

The clever Chemfloplus also automatically measures and controls the levels of chlorine and pH balance from feedback it receives from sensors. Ideal for pools and spa combinations, it can activate up to four filter cycles and operate pool lights via a timer for added convenience.

Robotic pool cleaners

With clever features and a compact and robust design, it’s not surprising that the Swimkleen ATV is one of our most popular models. The cleaner maintains optimal suction with virtually no clogging and a good grip throughout its cycle, effectively cleaning even when the pump is on low speed/flow, which reduces operating costs.  And thanks to its unique steering system that automatically sets the left wheel to reverse at intervals, it can reach all parts of the pool and free itself from corners and tight spots.

Our exclusive Trident Hydro Robotic Pool Cleaner is also a good performer, with an extra capacity, clog-free filter and advanced scanning software that systematically maps the most efficient path to clean your pool while ensuring every part is reached. The software also enables it to navigate around obstacles and return to its set cleaning pattern.

While our automation devices do much of the work for you, we always recommend regularly checking your pool and spa equipment and water balance and updating your controller’s program to alter the amount and frequency of chemicals and filter and heating time to suit the season and your needs.

To find out more about pool and spa automation, simply contact your local Swimart pool and spa shop or call 1300 991 104.

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