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Why the Swimkleen ATV is one of our most popular pool cleaners

01 January 2018 nathanhallahan

One of the most technically advanced models of its type, the Swimkleen ATV is the ‘smart’ car of pool cleaners boasting a compact and robust design and unique clever features that ensures reliable, effective and energy-efficient suction and debris collection and exceptional manoeuvrability that enables it to get in and out of tight, difficult-to-access spots with ease.

Let’s take a look ‘under the hood’ to discover more about Swimart’s most popular selling automatic pool cleaners.

A unique patented steering system that gives superb maneuverability: The left wheel is set to reverse at intervals, turning the cleaner in different directions so it doesn’t get stuck in corners or tight spots and can ‘back up’ to reach all parts of the pool.

Patented adjustable skirts with rollers that help maintain optimal suction, even when faced with difficult obstacles, and an energy-saving throat insert that allows it to be used when pump is set on low speed/flow reduces operating costs.

Power maximising self-adjusting folding turbine vanes that facilitate operation at low flow with the throat insert to save energy and allow the passage of large debris, and virtually eliminate clogging.

Robust tyres with good grip and patented treads that enable the Swimkleen ATV to climb and maneuver with ease.

Stainless steel wheel ball bearings which are non-corrosive and minimise friction to improve torque to increase suction power.

Easy, tool-free assembly and installation which means your Swimkleen ATV can be cleaning your pool for you in just a few minutes after bringing it home.

The Swimkleen ATV Pool Cleaner is available from Swimart stores and comes with a 3 plus 3 warranty and a one-year extra Swimart full warranty.

Swimart’s Swimkleen ATV is geared for all pools, quietly cleaning while you can enjoy the summer

To find out more simply contact your local Swimart pool and spa shop or call 1300 991 104.

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