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Swimart’s top 10 pool party games for kids (and big kids too!)

  These popular pool party games will keep your kids and their friends active, happy and entertained for hours! Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, hosting an after-school play date, or getting friends and family over for a pool-side barbie, Swimart’s top 10 pool party games are the perfect way to keep everyone happy – […]
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Poppits: the healthy pool and spa care range

        If you, or anyone in your family suffers from eczema or psoriasis, you know how painful it can be swimming in a pool or soaking in a spa that has chlorine or bromine in it. Your skin instantly becomes dry, red and itchy, and as soon as you step out of […]
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As a pool or spa owner, you’ve probably already experienced the soothing effects water can have on your body, particularly with relieving tired, aching muscles. Spas, in particular, are often used for hydrotherapy purposes but at the end of a long hot summer’s day, stretching out your muscles with a few laps in the pool […]
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