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Swimart’s super-efficient pool cleaners 

10 October 2017 Tommy

With Swimart’s great deals on leading pool cleaners during the Sizzling Summer Event, you’ll save money at the counter and on future energy and chemical costs (and spend less time maintaining your pool)

With a super-efficient pool cleaner from Swimart, you’ll not only find it quick and easy to keep your pool sparkling clean but your energy bill and water treatment costs will be reduced. How? Pool cleaners effectively reduce the amount of debris, which means your filter doesn’t have to work as long or as hard and the water requires less chemicals.

The team at Swimart have rounded up their most popular pool cleaners, reduced their prices and thrown in some extra specials such as vouchers, extended warranties and accessories. All you have to do is choose the model that suits your pool size, cleaning style and budget.


The manual suction pool cleaner

With its light, easy-to-manoeuvre design, no fuss skimmer and pump connection, efficient suction and affordable price tag (now $379 plus a 3-year warranty), the Swimkleen MKII is the perfect solution for cleaning the walls and floors, and quickly tackling problem spots.


Automatic suction pool cleaners

For medium-to-large pools up to 12m in length, Swimart’s Swimkleen ATV and Swimkleen NAV automatic suction cleaners with their clever, robust designs tackle the job with ease and efficiency while you relax.

The Swimkleen ATV (now $899 plus 4-year warranty) has a unique steering system which sets the left wheel to reverse at intervals enabling it to cover all areas of the pool’s walls and floor and escape tight spots. It also has clever self-adjusting turbines that give it improved suction and debris collection, and reduces clogging, while high-traction tyres climb walls with ease.

Equally efficient, the silent and compact Swimkleen NAV (now $699 with free leaf canister and 3-year warranty) achieves a superior clean for pools up to 12m in length thanks to its programmed steering that determines the most efficient cleaning path for optimal coverage. A SmartDrive system gives it superior manoeuvrability and maximum suction power even at low flow.


Robotic pool cleaners

If you’re after an automatic pool cleaner that uses suction to remove debris and brush action to scrub algae and bacteria from your pool’s surfaces, a robotic model is the solution – and Swimart currently has some high performers at great prices.

Reliable, easy to use, efficient, economical and eco-friendly, it’s not surprising that the Trident and Swimkleen robotic pool cleaners are a popular choice with pool owners. Each model effectively cleans with minimal power and water while reducing the amount of dirt in your filter, which means savings on your energy and chemical bills.


For pools up to 8m in length: Consider the lightweight, compact and super economical Trident ECO (now $995) which cleans any type of pool in just one and a half hours using minimal water and electricity.

For pools up to 10m: The lightweight Trident HYDRO (now $1699 plus $100 Swimart voucher) has advanced scanning software that calculates the most efficient route to ensure pool floor and walls are fully covered – and obstacles dodged – to achieve a thorough clean in just two hours.

For pools up to 15m: The Trident PRO (now $2699 with extra warranty) also has advanced scanning software plus triple-action brushes, two drive motors for exceptional coverage and manoeuvrability, filter bag indicator, and remote controlled set up so you can choose the cleaning program, start time and duration.


Did you know? 

  • Pool cleaners reduce your water, energy and chemical costs
  • Pool cleaners reduce filtration needs and minimise basket waste build-up
  • Pool cleaners are easy to use and maintain
  • Automatic and robotic pool cleaners clean all pool surface types, scale walls with ease and can reach, and escape from, tight spots
  • Swimart offers free demonstrations of all their pool cleaners
  • Swimart offers free installation on many of their robotic pool cleaners
  • Swimart has great prices and extended warranties on many of their most popular pool cleaners while stocks last


Swimart’s Sizzling Summer Event Pool cleaner specials

  • The Trident ECO $995 with a free demo and installation
  • Trident HYDRO $1699 with a $100 Swimart voucher, free demo and installation
  • Trident PRO $2699 with a $200 Swimart voucher, free demo and installation plus an exclusive 3-year warranty (1-year extra warranty)
  • Swimkleen NAV $699 – you save $179 – with a free leaf canister and an exclusive 3-year warranty
  • Swimkleen MKII $379 plus an exclusive 3-year warranty
  • Swimkleen ATV $899 plus an exclusive 4-year warranty


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