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Is your pool or spa affected by the global shortage of lithium?

08 August 2017 Tommy

With everything from electric cars to smartphones, laptops and power tools dependent on lithium to function, the growing demand for this popular battery material is already having an impact on Australia's spa market.

A global shortage of lithium hypochlorite, the most common sanitiser used in spas, is leaving spa owners with limited options to maintain the health and clarity of their water.

Fortunately, Swimart's Poppits range is one of the few spa care products that have already been designed to sanitise spas using hydrogen peroxide to oxidise the bacteria and organic materials in the water. And, unlike traditional lithium hypochlorite spa sanitisers, Poppits does not contain chlorine or bromine. That's good news if you or a member of your family is an asthmatic or suffers from sensitive skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

In fact, Poppits is endorsed by the National Asthma Council Australia, and the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ as the 'Sensitive Choice' in pool and spa sanitisation.


Spa care without the harsh chemicals

Poppits is a healthy water management system for spa (and pool) sanitisation, which uses advanced oxidisation instead of chemicals to purify water. Advanced oxidisation basically raises the levels of active oxygen in the water, resulting in the removal of bacterial threats.
The comprehensive range includes everything from algaecides and water balancing formulas to concentrated clarifiers and flocculants.

There's also Poppits automatic (chlorine free) sanitiser dosing treatment, which adjusts the dosage to suit all spa sizes via an inbuilt time clock. The small pump releases into your spa the required Poppit sanitiser via the supplied injection parts. It takes out the guesswork.

Spa and pool water that is enriched with oxygen, safe from bacterial threats, and free from irritants or harmful by-products – no wonder Poppits is so popular! To find out more simply contact your local Swimart pool and spa shop or call 1300 991 104.

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