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Automate your pool and spa

08 August 2017 Tommy

Swimming pools used to be a chore to keep clean and healthy – not to mention time consuming – but technology has changed all that. Like many aspects of modern life, pools and spas are becoming more automated with cleaning, heating, sanitation, filtration and lighting just a few examples of what can be controlled either on-site or remotely using web-connected devices.

Instead of spending hours cleaning leaves, dirt and dog hair out of your pool, you can rely on clever controllers and robotic systems to keep pool water healthy around the clock. And not only are automated pools easier to maintain, they can save you a lot of money by reducing power bills and chemical costs.

Swimart stocks a wide range of automated pool solutions – here are a few.


Clever pool cleaners

Whether you’re looking for a suction, pressure or robotic model, Swimart's range of clever pool cleaners are engineered to automatically do the hard work for you.

For example, with a Trident robotic pool cleaner – which, by the way is exclusively stocked by Swimart – you not only get a machine that quietly cleans your pool, but an in-built scanner that systematically maps out its shape each time it runs through a cycle. So rather than blindly zigzagging around your pool, it remembers every unique curve and feature to deliver maximum cleaning efficiency.


Compact controllers

Just like the name suggests, Swimart's pool controllers take control of essential pool and spa functions, like turning on pool lights and checking chlorine levels, so you don't have to.

Take the AquaLink TRi, which allows you to control multiple products from one easy-to-use unit. And with the iAquaLink app, you can access all your pool settings from any smartphone, tablet or web-connected device.

Once downloaded, simply open the app, select the function you want, and activate. You can set schedules, turn equipment on or off, control output levels, vary pump speeds, and remotely control any piece of pool equipment, anywhere, anytime


Smart chlorination systems

Pool products like Swimart's HydroChlor Salt Chlorinator can save you a lot of hassle – and eliminate problems caused by fluctuating chlorine levels – by consistently and automatically maintaining the amount of sanitiser in your pool water. Fewer fluctuations mean more balanced pH levels, which leads to consistently healthy water.

Chlorinators, chemical feeders and automated controllers are complex products that may need to be configured to your pool or spa’s needs. Find out more by calling Swimart on 1300 991 104 or visiting your local Swimart pool and spa shop.

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