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10 simple tips for landscaping around your pool

08 August 2017 Tommy

Spring is only a few weeks away so now is the time to think about gardening and, in particular, getting your pool surrounds ready for summer. While there's nothing better than swimming in sparkling clean water, incorporating the right plants around your pool will help create a relaxing atmosphere and soften areas dominated by concrete paving and timber decking.


However, not all species thrive around pools, so before you head to your local nursery, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Plants are likely to get splashed if they're close to the pool (especially if you have young children) so be mindful that chlorine, salt and pool chemicals can affect or even destroy some species
  2. Pools in seaside locations need hardy species that can tolerate harsh conditions, so opt for Australian natives such as coastal rosemary, coastal banksia, dianella, and pig face. Also consider exotics like bromeliads, agaves, yucca and cycads
  3. Harsh sunlight reflected from pool water and light-coloured paving can intensify heat on plants, significantly increasing evaporation and salt leaching. Drought tolerant plants are best in these situations
  4. Plants with perfumed, bee attracting blooms may deter swimmers, especially if they're anaphylactic or suffer from allergies
  5. Unless you want to spend every weekend dragging out the pool cleaner, choose species that drop all of their leaves at one time rather than all year round
  6. Organic matter like pods and petals produced by some flowering species can end up in the pool, staining the deck and making it slippery
  7. Minimise grassed areas near your pool in order to keep clippings out of the water when you mow
  8. Trees that are known to drop large branches are also best avoided around swimming pools for safety reasons. Also, be mindful of fast growing, long roots as they could damage your pool shell and surrounding paving
  9. Planting endemic species will entice local flora and fauna to your pool deck
  10. Low energy, LED garden lighting will illuminate plants at night, transforming your pool into a striking sculptural feature


Swimart pool specialists have lots of great ideas for your pool deck, so give us a call on 1300 991 104 or pop into your local Swimart pool and spa shop.


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