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A better swimming experience with Glass Pearls filter media

07 July 2017 Tommy

The goal of every pool owner is to swim in the cleanest, healthiest water – preferably with little effort and using the least amount of chemicals and resources.

Fortunately, manufacturers are coming up with clever ways to clean pool water that feels as good as it looks.

Take Swimart's Glass Pearls, which uses pure glass to effectively trap dirt and debris in tiny spaces between the particles of filter media, allowing the clean water to pass through. It's so effective it's said to offer a similar filtration level comparable to diatomaceous earth (DE).

Conventional filter media such as sand is crushed and sieved; they generally have an irregular structure and a larger variation in particle size. It tends to be more porous and unable to trap fine particles. Glass Pearls, on the other hand, provide outstanding water quality because of the way they're engineered.


Three key benefits of switching from sand to glass filter media include:


Traps finer particles

Glass Pearls are man-made to specific geometrical shapes providing an extremely narrow particle size range of 0.6mm to 0.8mm. This creates a dense, consistent filter media bed that is capable of sieving particles down to three microns. To put it in perspective, one micron is equivalent to one millionth of a metre.


Saves water

Glass pearls use roughly 20 per cent less backwash water than sand filter media, saving time (and therefore energy) and using less water. For example, glass pearls require around 215 litres to successfully backwash a Waterco S600 Media Filter, whereas sand needs roughly 265 litres.


Safe to handle

Unlike crushed glass filter media which has sharp edges, glass pearls are safe to handle because of their smooth, spherical shape. Also, if there’s ever a malfunction of the filter’s laterals causing the glass pearls flow into your pool, it's good to know they won't put swimmers at risk.


If you would like to find out more about ow to save money and provide a better swimming experience by converting from sand to glass media, contact your local Swimart pool and spa shop or call 1300 991 104.

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