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Why not have a professional pool cleaning service on a regular basis?

05 May 2017 Tommy

There's no doubt about it – cleaning your swimming pool is a lot more enticing when the sun is shining, the temperature is warm, and the reward is diving into crystal clear water.

Now that autumn is well and truly here, the thought of raking up leaves and vacuuming away dirt when it's chilly and drizzly outside doesn't seem quite as inviting, does it? It's around this time of the year that procrastination starts to set in and, between taking the kids to their sports events on Saturdays and catching up with friends on Sundays, even the most well-cared for pool starts to lose its sparkle.


Professional pool cleaning services

Calling in professional pool cleaners on a regular basis is one way to ensure your investment stays in peak condition – even in the off-season – and ready to swim in as soon as the sun comes out, or an unseasonably warm day decides to grace us with its presence.

There are several benefits that result from a regular pool cleaning service, including:

  • Constantly monitored chemical levels reduce the need to shock your pool
  • Keeping algae and bacteria at bay is easy when it's treated quickly
  • Reducing wear and tear on your filter and pump
  • Protecting the surface of your pool from staining and algae spores
  • Maintaining visual appeal – a clean pool just looks better!

Scheduling a regular pool clean is a small price to pay to ensure its value is maintained during a time when you're least likely to maintain it!


How often should you get a professional pool clean?

Cleaning and maintenance jobs are more cost-effective when they are performed on a weekly or even fortnightly basis. A trained pool professional not only knows what to look for but they do the job much quicker than the average pool owner.

Aside from basic cleaning services like emptying the skimmer and pump baskets, scooping leaves and debris from the surface of the pool, checking water levels and brushing algae off the walls, a professional pool cleaner is also trained to spot – and listen out for – irregularities. They're often equipped to conduct minor repairs or, at the very least, advise you if a piece of equipment needs replacing.

From a full vacuum to water balancing and equipment checks, Swimart will ensure your swimming pool remains in tip top condition. Find out more by contacting your local Swimart store or calling us on 1300 991 104 to book this valuable service.


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