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Swimart’s peace of mind pool services

03 March 2017 Tommy

As the nights get longer and the days get cooler, it’s easy to put pool maintenance to the back of your mind – especially when your pool is located out of sight at the bottom of your backyard.

We understand that not everyone has spare time to maintain their pool, or drive to their local Swimart store on the weekend. That’s why our fleet of reliable mobile service vans, led by highly-trained and experienced technicians deliver quality, convenient pool maintenance and spa services right to your front door.

Swimart offers basic pool care checks to comprehensive packaged services, including:

  • Home Pool Health Check
  • Pool Cleaning Service
  • Pool/Spa Owners Instruction Service
  • Water Health Check
  • Filter Sand Change
  • Filter Clean and Degrease Service
  • Pool/Spa Filtration Problem Solving
  • Pool/Spa General Repairs
  • Comprehensive 94-Point Pool Check


There is no doubt that Swimart’s off-season home care services save you time and money. To give you an idea of what we do and how it benefits your pool, here are a few examples:

Water balance check

Properly sanitising your pool water kills unwanted bacteria, algae and contaminants so that swimmers and bathers don’t get sick when they do decide to go for a dip. It also protects valuable pool equipment – and even the pool itself – against corrosion and scale build-up.

Measuring your water’s pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness composition on-site enables your local Swimart technician to quickly determine what is needed to bring it back into a healthy range – for you and your pool.

Basic pool check and repairs

A Swimart professional will come to your home to have a good look at your swimming pool and the equipment that keeps the water properly sanitised and filtered. Our mobile pool technicians know every type of pool product on the market, and will be able to evaluate what is operating efficiently and what needs repairing or replacing.

From a full vacuum to water balancing and equipment checks, you will know the status of your pool and what you need to do to maintain it throughout autumn and winter.

Filter media change, clean and degrease

When it comes to your pool’s filtration equipment, it’s often a case of “out of sight, out of mind”. So, to avoid small, undetected issues from becoming major problems, arrange for a Swimart professional to change the filter media, then clean and degrease the filter. Not only will it work according to the manufacturer’s instructions, but any issues can be dealt with immediately.

On-site equipment repairs

Every mobile Swimart service van is fully equipped with everything your local technician needs to conduct on-site equipment repairs, saving you the time, money and effort it takes to drive to your nearest store.

We can repair and service a vast range of pool equipment brands and models, and are also authorised warranty agents for a wide number of popular pool equipment brands. And if we can't solve the problem on the spot, we'll bring it back to your local Swimart store for further tests.

94-point Pool Check

This service is as comprehensive as it gets! Armed with a detailed swimming pool and spa checklist, your local Swimart pool technician will meticulously look at everything from pH levels and leaky pipes to noisy pump bearings and safety latch compliance.

This detailed analysis of your pool and its equipment gives you the knowledge to make decisions on whether to upgrade equipment before it breaks down and causes further damage to other parts of the system.

Keeping up a regular maintenance schedule throughout autumn and winter not only keeps your pool ‘swim ready’, but also helps to protect your second most valuable investment after your home.

For peace of mind pool service, simply contact your local Swimart store.

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