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Protect your asset with premium pool products

03 March 2017 Tommy

Aside from your home, your swimming pool is likely to be the second most expensive investment on your property – unless of course your garage includes a Maserati or Gulfstream jet.

Protecting this valuable asset with premium products and regular maintenance not only keeps it in peak condition but can also become a major selling point should you decide to put your house on the market.

While it is tempting to save a few dollars on cheap pool products you see on the Internet or at your local chain store, cost cutting today could cost you big time tomorrow. Inferior products imported from overseas are often unregulated, don’t come with decent warranties, and are rarely designed with Australia and New Zealand’s harsh environmental conditions in mind.

Much has changed since Swimart started with a single Sydney shop back in 1983, but not our commitment to stocking the world’s best pool products – many of which are manufactured by Australia’s own Waterco. Here are three examples:

Exotuf pool filter

Considered one of the strongest filters within its class due to its precision injection moulding, Exotuf is designed to cope with the seasonal fluctuations experienced by Australian and New Zealand swimming pools. Pressure rated at 350 kPa, Exotuf filters are ideal for pools equipped with in-floor cleaning systems and high powered pumps.

Special features include:

  • Granular media filtration
  • Multiport valve for ease of use
  • Pressure rated at 350 kPa
  • Corrosion and UV resistant
  • 10-year tank warranty and 1-year warranty on all other components

Exotuf filters are not only durable, but easy to maintain: Cleansing the filter simply requires turning the filter’s multiport lever from the ‘filter’ position to the ‘backwash’ position, which reverses the flow of water in the filter, flushing the entire filter bed.

Trident Robotic Pool Cleaners

Trident's top-of-the line robotic pool cleaners are synonymous with quality, reliability and durability. This premium pool range, which has five different models to suit all shapes, sizes and styles of pools – not only offers reliable, long-lasting performance but also precise scanning software that cleans all the way to the water line.

With a Trident robotic cleaner, you can automatically clean your swimming pool without relying on your filtration equipment to be operating. The result is a dramatic reduction in energy costs when compared to all other types of automatic pool cleaners.

A pool cleaned with a Trident Robotic Pool Cleaner doesn’t just leave your pool sparkling clean but ensures your investment remains in peak conditions for years to come.

FlowVis Flow Meter

More than a simple flow meter, FlowVis is also a fully functioning check valve that can be installed horizontally, vertically, or even upside down. Accuracy, reliability, and longevity are key among a list of unique product features that include:

  • Factory-calibrated for extreme accuracy across its full operating range
  • Combined functionality of flow meter and check valve
  • Clear, easy to read scale in LPM
  • Easy installation and requires no calibration
  • Unique design results in maintained accuracy even with entrained air caused by suction leaks
  • Allows precise and repeatable valve positioning for perfect water feature operation
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • 5-year breakage warranty

It’s vital to have optimal water flow rates through pool heating systems, to maximise efficiency and heater performance and improve equipment life. This option provides accurate pump operating speed adjustments to ensure sufficient water flow to the pool’s filtration and sanitising equipment. It also helps maximise energy savings.

To enquire about Swimart’s premium pool products, simply contact your local Swimart store.

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