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Protect your asset with premium pool products

Aside from your home, your swimming pool is likely to be the second most expensive investment on your property – unless of course your garage includes a Maserati or Gulfstream jet. Protecting this valuable asset with premium products and regular maintenance not only keeps it in peak condition but can also become a major selling […]
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Swimart’s peace of mind pool services

As the nights get longer and the days get cooler, it’s easy to put pool maintenance to the back of your mind – especially when your pool is located out of sight at the bottom of your backyard. We understand that not everyone has spare time to maintain their pool, or drive to their local […]
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Swimart 10-point autumn pool care checklist

 Autumn is here and that usually means putting a blanket on the bed, bringing warm clothes out of storage, and making some adjustments to our pool care regime. While it still might be warm enough to swim in your part of the world, now is the time to think about ‘winterising’ your pool. Pools require […]
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