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06 June 2016 Tommy


5 reasons a spa is a great investment

Spas. They’re the pool you have when you’re not having a pool. But there’s a lot more to these nifty devices than simply being a mini pool. Humans have been enjoying natural and man-made spas for centuries – and it’s easy to see why their popularity continues to grow when you consider how convenient they are in terms of space, cost and usability.

The word spa comes from the Belgian town of Spa, which was the home of a spring whose water people drank in hopes of a cure for their illness. In 1326 a man called Collin le Loup claimed the water from the “Espa” (a local word for fountain) had cured him.


Year-round fun

Most pool owners have packed up the toys, pulled on the winter cover and retreated to the living room by now. But for spa owners the watery fun continues. That’s not only because the water can be heated, but also because spas are very often built on verandahs or decks that can be enclosed to keep the winter chill at bay.


Space age

In an era when backyards are shrinking to the size of the average beach towel, there simply isn’t room for a pool. But spas come in shapes and sizes that can not only fit into the tiniest yard but can also be installed on a verandah or deck.


Entertainer’s delight

There’s something wonderfully sociable about spas. People tend to spread out in a pool, but the nature of a spa means that people sit in a group and chat. In these days when we’re all busy at work, school and various activities, some family time in the spa can be the perfect opportunity to catch up.


The price is right

Not only a good name for a 70s TV game show, but a great thing when you’re on a tight budget. Spas cost a fraction of the price of a pool but still allow you to splash around in the water.


Hydrotherapy at home

The practice of traveling to cold or hot bubbling springs dates back to the Bronze age, while the ancient Greeks and Romans made it famous. The Roman baths built in Bath, England enjoyed a renaissance among the wealthy classes of the 18th century when Queen Anne travelled there to enjoy the water.


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