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Finishing touch

04 April 2016 Tommy

Finishing touch

Give your pool the finishing touch

Pools these days are so much more than a place to cool off. They're an extension of the home and the owner's personality. Not only that, they can turn an everyday object into a work of art. So it's hardly surprising that water features are as much a part of modern pool design as shape, colour and decking.

Pool water features come in numerous styles to complement the home and surrounding garden. Cascading waterfalls, fountains and jets come in numerous styles and can be designed to complement the pool's design and materials as well as add potential play areas. Think sprays coming from "stepping stones", fountains bubbling gently from the deck or jets shooting from underneath the deck coping.

Waterfalls can be sleek and contemporary, such as a ledge design where water cascades as a translucent sheet. This is perfect for modern pool designs and creates a soothing sound and movement that can be enjoyed even when the swimming season is over. Kids love sitting or swimming underneath a cascading sheet of water. (Grown-ups don't mind it too much either.) For those who enjoy a more natural look, there are rock waterfalls that can enhance the "jungle" aesthetic of a nearby garden. Water trickles gently over the rocks to create a gentle, relaxing ambience.

Then there are fountains, which are available in numerous shapes and designs ranging from giant water jugs to ornate taps or figurines that tip water into the pool. Others simply shoot water into the air from the centre of the pool or a shallow ledge (perfect for little ones to splash in).

Of course there is more to a water feature than simply sound. Lighting plays an important part in creating the right aesthetic, especially at night, enabling everyone to enjoy its beauty day and night throughout the year.

Water features can be added during the pool building process or to an existing pool. If you aren't sure whether or not you want a water feature in your pool (or can't afford it initially) talk to the pool builder during the design stage. That way they may be able to include the necessary pipes and electrical so a water feature can be added later.











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