Daisy Pool Cover

19 February 2016

Pool covers used to be as simple as a piece of plastic stretched across the surface of the water to keep falling leaves out. But as technology has advanced, pool covers have moved with the times. These days not only do they keep debris out of the water, they save you money by preventing evaporation and chemical loss and, most attractive of all, keep you swimming longer.

Why pool covers do more than keep leaves out

Swimart stores stock the Australian designed and made Daisy pool cover, which offers all of these benefits. A Daisy pool cover will have you swimming later and earlier in the swimming season by warming and insulating the pool water. “Most Daisy owners find that they can start swimming at least a month longer/earlier than their Daisy-less cousins without a pool cover,” says Daisy Pool Covers Managing Director Derek Prince. “And that’s not to mention the extra hours of swimming each day.

“UltraDomeTM bubble technology is the heart of our Daisy pool cover structure. The UltraDomeTM bubble profile results in a total insulating air layer to the majority of the bubble depth. The air in the bubble and the air trapped between the top layer of the cover and the water effectively form a thick layer of insulation across the entire cover area.”

Uncovered pool water can cool down quite quickly after sunset. But having a Daisy pool cover over it during the day warms up the water nicely. That means a warm late night swim after work can be as simple as removing the cover. “A Daisy pool cover allows the sun’s warmth to pass through into the water - just like a garden hot house,” Derek says. “Water is an excellent absorber of the sun’s heat. All water is heated by the sun and is retained in the pool water by the pool cover as it prevents the heat from escaping.”

Derek says a pool cover also reduces water loss due to evaporation. “No, your pool does not have a hole in it; the sun and especially wind evaporation can tear water out of your pool at an alarming rate without it covered,” he says. “A Daisy pool cover prevents evaporation – a process which turns water to gas and dissipates into the atmosphere like a kettle boiling dry. The amount of water loss depends on the surface area of your pool, the temperature of the water and air, humidity and wind. A cover protects the water from these main conditions. With a Daisy in place there is next to no evaporation.”

Then there are the chemicals. Derek says a Daisy cover will reduce the chemical loss and even help keep your pool a bit cleaner. “A Daisy pool cover is a physical barrier between the pool water and atmospheric temperature,” he says. “A cover saves the water from evaporation, heat loss, escaping of chemical pool gas as chlorine turns into a gas when dissolved in water.”

Swimart has a special off on Daisy pool covers throughout February. Buy a Daisy pool cover from Swimart this month and we will upgrade your choice. That means a saving of up to 15%. The offer ends on February 29. Click here for more details.



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