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Pool Toys

12 December 2015 Tommy

Pool Toys

The rise, and untimely demise, of the world’s biggest pool toy

Rubber Duck is the ultimate pool toy – although at a whopping five storeys high it might have a little trouble fitting into the average backyard pool. This amazing pool toy on steroids is one of several giant floating sculptures designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. They were built in various sizes, ranging from the prototype which measured 1 inch to the one created in 2007 that is the largest rubber duck in the world, measuring 26 × 20 × 32 metres and weighing more than 600kg

Florentijn wanted to entertain the world in a tour called Spreading joy around the world, which started in 2007. He aimed to recall people’s childhood memories by exhibiting the duck in 14 cities, starting in his native Amsterdam.

The giant rubber duck was built using more than 200 pieces of PVC. There is an opening at the back of the body so staff can perform body checks. There is also an electric fan in its body so it can be inflated at any time regardless of the weather.

Since 2007 the ducks have wowed crowds in France, Japan, Brazil, New Zealand, Belgium, Hong Kong, The US, China, Azerbaijan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Canada, South Korea and, of course, Australia.

Of course it’s not always plain sailing when you’re a giant rubber duck. The duck on display in Hong Kong in 2013 deflated after losing air. It was re-inflated and moved on to Taiwan, where it was damaged during an earthquake in November 2013. After adventures that would have felled many other water fowls the giant duck finally succumbed to its injuries, bursting in spectacular fashion on December 31, 2013.

Rubber Ducks’ siblings continue to delight crowds around the world, but if you’re after some Christmas pool toys of more reasonable proportions, Swimart have some great new models to choose from.  

Crock Attack Ride On Squirter

Granted it’s not as big as Rubber Duck, but this Croc-style inflatable toy is big enough to ride on, plus its squirter is always ready for attack as it draws a constant supply of water from the pool.

Floating Log Joust Set

If you’ve always wanted to do some of the jousting you see on water tournament game shows, this is your chance. This fun inflatable pool jousting set includes two inflatable ride-on logs and two soft inflatable log boppers. Dunk your friend and win!

Swim’N’Spike Volleyball

Those with a more competitive nature will enjoy this volleyball set that includes a competitive quality 6.1 metre net with 1.3m ties on each side, 48mm diameter stainless steel posts with a 1.2m installed height, removable posts with anchor caps that sit flush to the deck when not in use, anchors, escutcheons and a volleyball.

Underwater Light Show

Not strictly a toy, but still a ton of fun are Swimart’s floating disco balls designed for use in swimming pools. The rotating strobe adds unique lighting effects that will transform your pool into a galaxy of light and colour that's out of this world! Watch the fun and excitement take off as the dynamic light show orbits, rotating patterns of colour and light that fill your pool. There are 10 different light show effects and a custom auto-off timer.
















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