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Phosphate Free

12 December 2015 Tommy

Phosphate Free

How to keep your pool phosphate-free this Christmas and beyond

Every summer, algal blooms in waterways cause headaches for health authorities across Australia. Unfortunately, the high phosphate levels that cause these blooms can also be found in home pools, posing a risk to swimmers even in their own backyards. Last summer some of the highest recorded levels of phosphate were found in pools across the country. The health risks of these blooms should not be underestimated, as the toxins they produce can cause people or animals to become seriously ill, and can even result in death. Another, lesser side-effect of excessive phosphate levels, is rapid chlorine consumption.


Phosphates are mineral salts that are found in many household cleaners and can make their way into backyard pool water through falling leaves and water runoff. There are several ways to minimise the level of phosphates in pool water. Firstly, try not to allow runoff from lawns, landscaping or deck washing to enter the pool. Secondly, remove leaves and other debris from the pool regularly, as these are phosphate carriers. Thirdly, test the phosphate levels of your pool water regularly. This is as simple as taking a water sample to your local Swimart store.


While prevention is always better than cure, if the phosphate levels in your pool water exceed the recommended level, then there are two products available that can correct the problem: Aquahealth Starver and StarverX. Both are available through Swimart and work hand in glove to ensure pool water is healthy.


Aquahealth StarverX is designed specifically for pools with extremely high phosphate levels (above 1ppm). A one litre bottle will reduce phosphate levels by up to 6ppm in a 50,000 litre pool. Use Aquahealth StarverX to reduce very high phosphate to a manageable level, then apply Aquahealth Starver to bring it down further to a safe standard, then maintain it. Apart from health, the other benefits of removing phosphates from pool water are to maintain a sparkling appearance and allow chemicals to work more effectively, thus saving money.


Swimart recommends using Aquahealth Starver throughout the year to prevent phosphate levels getting out of hand and keep the water in healthy, pristine condition, as well as saving money by getting the maximum efficiency from your pool chemicals.








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