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Greener Pool

10 October 2015 Tommy

Greener Pool
Trident robotic pool cleaner paves the way

Australians are increasingly concerned about decreasing their environmental footprint, which explains the popularity of the new Trident Eco robotic pool cleaner.

Waterco recently unveiled the latest addition to its Trident robotic pool cleaner range and said the public response had been enthusiastic. The Trident Eco robotic pool cleaner has been especially designed to save water, energy and chemicals, while coming at a lower cost and being very economical to operate. It is the newest addition to the Trident range of pool cleaners, which also includes the Trident and Trident PRO.

“Reducing chemical use and water and energy consumption are high priorities on any pool owner’s list,” says George Flory, Waterco’s Domestic Water Care Product Manager. “Fortunately, choosing the right accessories is a simple way to meet all of these needs.

"The Trident range delivers superior cleaning efficiency, particularly when it comes to finer filtration collection. They build on decades of expertise in automatic pool cleaners and have consistently been at the forefront of innovation.

“The main points of difference with the Trident Eco are that it is more economical to operate, it thoroughly cleans all floor surfaces in the pool and is very light weight, so users can easily remove it from the pool.”

The Trident Eco is software controlled and guided, so it learns the layout of your pool each time it runs through its cleaning cycle. This results in maximum pool coverage. The software’s programming also allows it to escape from various situations in the pool, including manoeuvring around large main drains, meaning it will never have to be pulled out and redirected during a cleaning cycle.

“It is particularly adept at identifying walls and other barriers so that it does not waste time being stuck against them,” explains George. “It does this by detecting the change in angle on the pool floor, and after encountering a few different walls, the robot is able to distinguish between pool length and width, which then allows it to keep moving around the pool to reach all surfaces. This results in a superior clean.”

The Trident range of pool cleaners, including the new Eco model, are available from Swimart stores nationally.

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