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Underwater Windows

10 October 2015 Tommy

Underwater Windows
Underwater Windows

More translucent than glass, UV resistant, shatterproof and a great insulator – it’s no wonder acrylic pool panels have caught the attention of architects and pool designers around Australia.


Acrylic is considered an unusual material in that it serves both optical and structural purposes. Due to its transparency, it is also utilised in a number of applications where it must resist static and dynamic forces.


“Acrylic can be heated and formed into desired curves and be cut into almost any shape and size,” said Bevan Fogarty, Director of Pool Windows. “It can also be bonded together to make 90-degree corners while sheets can be bonded together to create long single panels.”


Using the highest aquarium grade, cast acrylic from Germany, Pool Windows offers a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty against yellowing and crazing.


“The acrylic we use is cast as one solid block and not laminated together,” Bevan explained. “Unlike laminated glass, it does not require top edge protection and scratches can be easily polished out. It’s also lighter than glass, making it more manageable for installation.”


This private property on the Sunshine Coast features two acrylic pool window ports. To satisfy safety standards for pool fencing, two glass panels were affixed to the outside of the pool structure in front of the panels to restrict access to the rebates.


Queensland-based Chris Clout Design designed this striking Noosa property and swimming pool. The freeform pool features a 2.4-metre diameter, 500mm high acrylic cylinder spa bath that not only looks spectacular but also gives swimmers a better vantage point in which to soak up the canal views.


Craned into position, set to rebate, waterproofed and sealed, the acrylic panel on the front of this roof top pool acts as both a wet edge and regulation fence.


Story by Veda Dante

Photo credits: Pool Windows

Pool designer: Chris Clout Design

Pools similar to these require Professional Pool Maintenance. Contact your local Swimart store for more info.








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