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Perfect Solution

09 September 2015 Tommy

Perfect Solution

Spas are the perfect solution for a small backyard

Spas offer many of the same benefits of a swimming pool, but are more affordable and compact. They're also high tech. Think TV, ambient mood lighting, stereos, aromatherapy and, believe it or not, Bluetooth.

Spas have come a long way from the original round cedar hot tubs that were first made in the 1950s as a means of pain relief. These days, portable spas range from two-seaters up to twelve-seater party spas. They’re now a hub where family and friends gather to relax and chat and with housing blocks becoming smaller and the growing trend towards higher density living, it’s little wonder that spa pools are increasing in popularity.

“Backyard spas are becoming increasingly popular for the lifestyle, fitness, therapeutic and pure relaxation benefits they offer. Whether it’s a portable, in-ground or swim spa, spas have evolved to become a great alternative or addition to the traditional family pool,” says Chris Fitzmaurice from Swimart.

Swimart stocks an exclusive range of portable spas from Resort Spas, which are available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

“Spas offer many of the same benefits of a swimming pool, but are more affordable and compact. And you can get all sorts of spas. For example, they can include special features such as television, ambient mood lighting, stereos – not to mention aromatherapy systems for the ultimate relaxation indulgence.

“Some are even Bluetooth enabled with Wi-Fi that allows you to connect your phone to your music database or even pre-set the heater to warm the water to the perfect temperature ready for when you get home. Really, it’s like having a holiday in your own backyard,” says Chris.

Spas can also be used year round, warming and relaxing you in the cooler months and refreshing you in summer.


Chlorine-free alternative

With a significant number of Australians suffering skin allergies and conditions such as asthma, Swimart has also noticed an increase in demand for its chlorine-free range of treatments – the Poppits Sanosil range.

Approved by the Sensitive Choice® program of the National Asthma Council Australia and the Asthma Foundation NZ, Poppits offers a viable, healthy alternative to traditional chlorine and bromine chemical sanitising solutions.

“The therapeutic benefits of spas are widely accepted, with users enjoying a sense of wellbeing, in addition to relief from chronic pain and physical discomfort,” says Gary Beecroft from Waterco.

“However, these benefits are lost on people with allergies, sensitive skin and respiratory conditions which are exacerbated by exposure to chlorinated water. This has created a perfect market for Waterco’s Pool & Spa Poppits range of chlorine-free products.”

The key ingredient of the Poppits Sanosil sanitiser is a product comprising hydrogen peroxide (H²O²), a powerful yet versatile oxidant that is both safe and effective, in addition to a silver additive. Both of these are excellent anti-pathogenic substances.

“Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most powerful oxidisers known – stronger than chlorine, chlorine dioxide and potassium permanganate,” Beecroft adds. “H²O² is also formed by the action of sunlight on water – a natural purification system for our environment.”

Gary says there has been increasing demand, in particular, for the Poppits range of solutions for swim spas in residential homes.

“Our customers say they like the simplicity of the three step process, which includes testing, balancing and sanitising the water and they like how the sanitiser can also be dispensed through a Poppit Doser,” he says.

“And it’s relatively easy to convert the spa to a system which is completely free of chlorine/bromine, which has no odours, is easy to control and maintain and is sympathetic to the environment.”


Regular spa maintenance

To ensure ongoing water quality, it's important to adhere to a regular maintenance program of testing the pH and alkalinity, balancing and sanitising the water, cleaning the filter cartridge, checking phosphate and algae levels and cleaning and degreasing the spa’s pipes.


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