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coolest job

07 July 2015 Tommy

coolest job

The coolest after school job around 

When it comes to after school jobs, the coolest one going is definitely teaching swimming and water safety. After all, why flip burgers or man a checkout when you can be in the water having fun with little kids while knowing you’re passing on skills that will keep them safe – not to mention the fact you’re earning money AND keeping fit.


According to AUSTSWIM – the Australasian Council for teaching swimming and water safety – aquatics, leisure and recreation are growth service industries with excellent career prospects and affordable and accessible skillset roles.

AUSTSWIM runs a variety of training courses for aquatic personnel, from entry level to leadership, management and aqua courses.

So if you have a few hours to spare, can engage in online, face-to-face theory and practical learningiStock_000003331172XSmall elements, then AUSTSWIM training might just lead you to working in an environment that:


  • Provides an opportunity for you to teach others essential knowledge, skills and understanding of how to be safer in aquatic environments and enjoy a world of sport, exercise and recreation activities.


  • May offer you access to workplace facilities where you can swim, participate in aqua classes or perhaps even use health club facilities if they are part of the workplace.


AUSTSWIM says trained, talented and committed professionals are in high demand for the expanding and diversifying leisure, aquatic and recreation industry, so your career pathway could take you on a journey that includes teaching swimming and water safety, instructing aqua classes for beginners through to advanced total body workouts, undertaking a leadership role as an aquatic service officer or perhaps taking management roles in programming or facility operational functions.


Still not sure? Here are a few course details to help you decide the way:

Course duration: 20 hours, plus a workplace-based training element. The duration is determined by individual competency.


You’ll walk away with some impressive skills on your resume too that include development, knowledge and skill in:

  • Being an effective teacher
  • The role and function of an AUSTSWIM Teacher
  • Understanding the human body in water
  • Teaching effective propulsion
  • The learner – teaching beginner to advanced students


It can all start with AUSTSWIM’s teacher of swimming and water safety training.   Check out a course near you today:  www.austswim.com.au or call 1300 885 666.


Here what some recent course candidates had to say:

“It was a fun experience, I learnt quickly and made friends easily.  The people were lovely and the presenters were amazing! I'm many steps closer to being able to teach kids swimming and water safety!”  

“There was no single best thing for me, I found the whole content of the course beneficial to me as I was new to the whole aquatic environment in teaching as well as swimming.”  

“It was great, presenters from the real world who practice what they teach and are passionate about what they do. This learning was fun.”  

“I am now able to pass on my skills to others and do what I love doing: swimming and teaching.”


© Photos provided by AustSwim (www.austswim.com.au)


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