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Cover Up for Winter Benefits

05 May 2015 Tommy

Cover Up for Winter Benefits

Cover up for winter benefits

Why pool covers are a pool owner’s best friend

Winter is around the corner, and pool owners are looking for ways to keep their pool warmer, cleaner and free from harmful bacteria. Having a pool cover installed is one of the best ways to achieve this – plus the benefits can last a lifetime!

What benefits can a pool cover offer?

In a nutshell, pool covers can save you time and money, and reduce your impact on the environment. Check out these awesome benefits:

  • Reduce evaporation: Did you know the average pool can lose up to 100 litres of water every daypoolcover2 just from evaporation? A pool cover can help reduce this loss of water by up to 97%, meaning you don’t have to waste time topping up the water in your pool nearly as often.
  • Minimise heat loss: If your pool is heated, keeping the water at the set temperature is key for anyone looking to use their pool all year round. Evaporation is the major source of heat loss for all swimming pools - minimise this by covering your pool at night and during the day when it is not in use.
  • Improve water cleanliness: Approximately 80 – 90% of debris, (leaves, dirt, insects, etc.) can be kept out of the pool with the aid of a well-fitted pool cover. This also increases the quality of your pool water and significantly reduces the workload on your pool cleaning system.
  • Reduce chemical use: Sunlight can destroy the chlorine that keeps your pool water free frompoolcover3harmful bacteria. Therefore, utilising a pool cover will reduce this affect and eliminate the need to add more chlorine.
  • Get more out of your pool: Fitting a pool cover can extend your swimming season even without other forms of heating. It can increase pool temperature by up to 6 – 8ºC in pools with a sunny aspect.

How do I get one?

Your local Swimart will stock a wide range of pool covers and rollers. Drop in at your local store to check out the range, or call Swimart on 1300 991 104 (Australia) or 0800 479 462 (New Zealand) to find out more about pool covers and which type would best suit your needs.


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