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extend your swim season

04 April 2015 Tommy

extend your swim season

Extend your swim season

Bring back the heat

None of us want summer to end – we all love relaxing in the sunshine with friends and family, especially if it involves splashing about in the backyard pool with some yummy food and drinks nearby.

With the weather still generally sunny even as we move through autumn, the good news is that you can extend your swim season with a few improvements to your pool.

Warming up your pool water is a surefire way to get the family back into the water. Especially if the water temperature is higher than the air around it!

Heat pump, solar or gas are your options when it comes to heating your pool. Your Swimart store is able to advise what is the best solution.
Pool cover
A pool cover will help your pool water retain heat – this is especially handy if your pool is heated, as your heater will not have to work as hard to keep the pool temperature at a set level. It also keeps out dirt and leaves when the pool isn’t in use, making regular maintenance easier.

Have you ever noticed that when you are sitting in a room and the light starts to fade, it seems colder somehow? And it can be the case vice versa - once a light is turned on, the space seems a lot warmer and more inviting.

Lighting up your pool area and the pool itself can make a dip in your pool seem more appealing, even when the outside temperature isn’t the warmest.


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