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Swimming, a skill for life

03 March 2015 Tommy

Swimming, a skill for life

Swimming, a skill for life

Living in a water loving country, it’s hard to imagine a lifestyle that doesn’t require the skill of swimming at some point. But believe it or not, there are many people out there who cannot swim.

These people are missing out on a load of benefits, not to mention lots of fun!

Why should everyone learn to swim?

  • It’s important for safety – living in a country surrounded by ocean (and filled with swimming pools, lakes, rivers and dams) makes swimming a very practical skill to possess. It could even save your life one day, you never know when you might land yourself in a situation where swimming is necessary.
  • Swimming offers multiple health benefits – these include improved strength and flexibility, a healthy heart and lungs and increased stamina.
  • It opens doors to other activities – such as surfing, stand up paddle boarding, sailing, rowing, scuba diving, snorkelling,
    swimming2going to the beach, swimming in a friend’s pool or attending a pool party, and even swimming with sharks or dolphins.
  • Learning to swim in a group gives children the opportunity to socialise and make friends – supporting each other while learning a new skill is a great platform for lifelong friendships. It also means they have the option of joining a swimming club or other social club where they can continue to use this skill to form friendships.
  • It offers another exercise option when trying to get fit or lose weight – swimming is a particularly good exercise for those looking to lose weight as it is gentle on joints and provides a level of resistance for burning energy.
  • Water is relaxing – all forms of water have been shown to have a positive impact on one’s mindset. Floating gently through cool water, or even warm water in cold weather, is a stress-busting activity that can help with day to day anxiety.
  • It’s a skill that will be used all throughout your life for different purposes.
  • It could be your hidden talent – you could possess a natural ability and potentially be destined to be a competitive swimmer.
  • Plus, it’s fun!


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