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Swimart Home Services

03 March 2015 Tommy

Swimart Home Services

Let Swimart Help You

Getting your pool taken care of by an expert needn’t be considered a luxury that is out of reach for the average family. Swimart’s home services are a perfect solution for anyone lacking time, skills, knowledge or the ability to take proper care of their pool.

Are you time poor?
In between work, taking care of the kids, cleaning and maintaining the house and social commitments, there are plenty of us out there that just don’t have the time to properly service our pools and address any issues.

Do you lack the knowledge to service your pool properly?
You might be able to take care of general maintenance, such as administering chlorine, however sometimes specialist knowledge is needed to give your pool a more thorough check over and clean.

Are you physically unable to perform maintenance tasks?
Don’t let an injury, fatigue or illness result in a green pool - Swimart’s technicians can come take care of general maintenance for you if you are unable to take care of it yourself.

The range of home services offered by your local Swimart store can include:

Home pool health checkhomeservices2

Pool cleaning service

Pool/spa owners’ instruction service

Water health check

94 point pool check

Filter sand change

Filter clean and degrease service

Pool/spa filtration problem solving

Pool/spa general repairs



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