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stain stain go away

03 March 2015 Tommy

stain stain go away

Stain, stain, go away

If unsightly stains are the one thing standing in the way of your pool looking its best, then we have a solution here for you!

Find the cause
Stains are usually caused by metals in the pool water. These metals then react with the chlorine or the pH levels, producing dark coloured oxides that attach themselves to the sides of the pool in the form of a yucky stain.

The metals themselves can be introduced to the pool water in a number of ways:

  • Salt
  • Some liquid chlorines
  • Algaecides containing metal
  • Leaves and other organic materials, including dirt
  • Top up water
  • Oxidation of painted or fibreglass surfaces

stain2Treat and remove
To remove the stain effectively, you will need to lower the chlorine levels of the pool first to less than 3.0 ppm. Higher chlorine levels can neutralise stain removing chemicals, so perhaps just let the chlorine level drop on its own by not putting in chlorine for a few days.

You will also need some AquaHealth Granular De-stain or 3 in 1 Stain Remover, which are both available at your nearest Swimart store. Once the chlorine level has dropped sufficiently, follow the instructions on your product carefully to remove the stain.

Prevent reoccurrence
There is nothing more frustrating than treating a problem, then having it come back only a few weeks later. So it makes sense to work out how to prevent the problem in the first place rather than just fixing it each time it pops up. stain3

Looking at the possible ways that metal could have entered your pool above, identify the most likely culprit/s. Make steps to address the issue, whether that be sourcing your top up water from somewhere else, changing your brand of chlorine, or making sure leaves and dirt are promptly removed from the pool water.

There are also some pool chemical solutions available from Swimart that will help to prevent stains from occurring: 

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