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02 February 2015 James Nash



Your pool boosts your home’s value
We all know that our backyard pools can improve the general quality of our lifestyle, but did you know that it can also add tens of thousands of dollars in monetary value to your home?

Our Swimart pool owners survey found that over 90% of pool owners believe their pool adds value to the selling price of their property, with the lifestyle benefits also hard to ignore. These included:

  • Being able to cool down in the privacy of your own backyard in summer
  • Beating the crowds at the beach and avoiding sand, dangerous surf and sharks 
  • Providing the kids with entertainment 
  • Entertaining family and friends 
  • Offers health benefits if used for regular exercise 
  • Gives the feeling of being on holidays in your own backyard 
  • A place to relax and unwind
  • Great for those living in a hot climate

A pool was seen as especially essential in areas without easy access to the coast, such as Sydney’s western suburbs, and were also seen favourably by families with younger children. The number one reason people install pools is for the kids to enjoy them, so pools are worth more in suburbs that have a lot of kids.
Australians seem to know the great benefits having a pool has to offer them; around 20,000 new pools are built nationally each year.

The numbers of swimming pools being installed in Australia is increasing, with the average cost of a pool around $30,000. Australia boasts the highest (per capita) rate of pool ownership in the world, with around 1.2 million private pools.




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