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Holiday pool checks

12 December 2014 James Nash

Holiday pool checks

Holiday pool checks

Perfect time to give your pool some TLC

holiday season, it can be easy to put maintaining your pool’s filter on the backburner. Take the pressure off and book a filter media change, clean and degrease service with your nearest Swimart store. Plus, changing your filter media regularly ensures optimum performance, as does consistent cleaning.

Pool/spa filtration problem solving and general repairs
If you are having problems with any of your pool or spa filtration system, call the experts! Swimart’s technicians can solve pump, filter and chlorination problems onsite for you. We can also repair general pool and spa equipment.

Pool cleaning service
This service is tailored to the specific needs of your pool; we take note of your pool’s surfaces, finishes, equipment, size, location and environment to address any problem areas and give your pool a thorough clean out. From a full vacuum to water balancing and equipment checks, we will ensure your pool remains in tip top condition.

Want to book a holiday pool maintenance service? Visit Swimart’s website www.swimart.com.au or contact your local Swimart store for a full list of home services available.



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